Sathyabama University B.E in Mechanical Engineering-3rd Semester Fluid Mechanics & Machinery (6C0066) Papers


Sathyabama University is one of the most prestigious and renowned universities on the country situated in Tamil Nadu. This south Indian university is famous for its engineering courses and provides the students with better infrastructure and faculties. This university is a deemed and helps the students to accelerate their carrier by giving them very good job placements.

Paper description:

Mechanical engineering is a core stream of engineering which deals with the detail study of machines, their functions, their behaviors and how to mend the flaws in their workings. Fluid mechanics and machinery is a sub part of mechanics which highlights the study of fluids (plasma, liquids and gases), the various forces acting on them, their change in behavior due to these forces and how to utilize these forces for the betterment of mankind as well as how to make the work easier for them.

Frequently asked questions:

There are some questions that repeat it selves almost every year and the students needs to concerned about those. Few of the highlighted questions and important topics from where numerical comes are discussed over here.

Briefly explain the working of devices used for measuring the pressure of a fluid.

Describe with a neat sketch the constructional details of an Axial flow pump.

Define the specific speed of a hydraulic turbine and obtain an expression for the same.

Numerical comes from up thrust, principles of hydraulic breaks, hydraulic press, hydraulic jack, etc.

Describe the variation of drag coefficient for an aerofoil section over a wide range of Reynolds number.

Paper pattern:

Semester Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Papers of Sathyabama University is divided into two parts, section A and section B.

Section A is a compulsory section which comprise of ten short answer type questions. Each question of this section has 2 marks and the entire section hold 20 marks.

Section B comprises of another ten questions, which are mainly long answer type questions and numerical. This is an optional section where the students need to attend five out of the ten given questions. The marks distribution is same for each question and the section holds 60 marks.

The total marks allotted to the paper are 80 and the time given for its completion is 3 hours.

Recommended Books:

  • Fluid Mechanics and Machinery by Durgaiah D. Rama, D Rama Durgaiah
  • Solving problems in fluid mechanics by John F. Douglas, R. D. Matthews
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