Sathyabhama University B.E/B.Tech-1st Semester Applied Physics Papers


The degree of engineering holds a great importance in getting a job in any company. The degree is a compulsory for engineering students; applied physics is a compulsory subject for the 1st semester students and each student should clear the paper. It is a core paper and it has its various applications in the degree.

Paper Pattern:

Questions in the paper of Applied Physics are concept based and consist of two sections. Total no. of questions in the paper is 20. Section A is of 10 questions and the questions are of short answer type. Section B also contains 10 questions in it; these questions are of long answer type. The paper doesn’t have any sub-questions in the questions. The questions don’t have any alternative as well..

Frequently asked questions:

The Applied Physics paper is a conceptual paper and contains both numerical and theoretical questions. The paper contains questions asked are such as different modes of heat transfer, coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material, f-ratio of photographic camera, Weber – Feckner Law, Young’s modulus of elasticity, Bending moment of a beam, Sabine’s formula for reverberation time, Davisson – Germer experiment, achromatism, sound absorption coefficient etc.

Total marks and time allotted:

Students who will be appearing in the exam will be given three hours to complete this 80 marks paper. Section A is of 20 marks with 10 questions each carrying 2 marks and Section B is of 60 marks with 10 questions each carrying 6 marks.

Recommended Books:

  • Physics Course, Vol. – I by Berkeley
  • Concepts of Modern Physics by A. Beiser
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