Tamilnadu Board Matriculation Exam English Paper I Papers


English I is basically an English literature and language paper. This subject deals with the studies of the language English with the help of a number of stories, prose, poems, n small write ups by famous authors. There can also be a number of dramas included. Some really famous authors like V.S. Naipaul, R.K. Narayan and etc write now all these notable works, which are mostly given in the syllabus.

Importance Of The Subject:

English, as we all know is a universal language in today’s times. It’s a must knowing this language, no matter from whichever part of the world you are. Now for a country like India, which is constantly in competition with other nations, it is really important to make sure that our students who are the building block of our future’s country learn this language diligently and sincerely. Through a subject like English literature, we definitely form a command over our language skills but we also get to read some amazing things by different authors and from people from different walks of life. This definitely adds onto our knowledge.

Paper Pattern:

The paper pattern can be described as follows:

The entire paper has been divided into two parts- part A and part B.

Part A:

  • The first question needs one to give short answers say about in thirty words, each carrying around two marks each. There are 4 questions given, you need to choose any three and answer them.
  • This set consist of question, which are supposed to be answered with reference to context. They carry three marks each and again one needs to answer only three from the four given questions.
  • This set consists of paragraph type questions, which need to be answered in about hundred words each and consist of five marks. You need to answer two of them from the given questions.
  • In this set there is a long answer of 200 words. Only one needs to be answered from the two given questions.

Part B:

  • This set again needs to be answered in only about 30 words and has a weightage of around two marks each.
  • This again is with reference to context types of questions, each carrying three marks each.
  • This again consists of a long answer of around say 100 words.
  • In this question, one needs to quote lines for a few sentences from your text on the basis of what your memory serves you.

Part C:

  • This part is basically the grammar portion given totally from your syllabus.
  • In this portion you need to pick synonyms for the underlined word asked you in the question.
  • In this set you need to give antonyms for the underlined word.
  • In this set, there is a blank given with two options each. Now you need to pick the appropriate option and fill in the blanks.
  • In this portion, you need to replace the underlined word with an appropriate idiom.

Part D:

This portion consists of various do as directed questions. The instructions are given in the bracket next to the sentence. You just need to follow these instructions and do the needful.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The most frequently asked questions consists of the grammar portion. The basic question like fill in the blanks with the appropriate options. There are also many-repeated question like, synonyms, antonyms and do as directed. Now in the literature section, one should pay a lot of attention to question based on answer with reference.

Marks And Time Alloted:

The total time given for the entire paper is two and a half hours. The total marks given for the paper are 100 marks. Now individually, part A has 32 marks, part B has 27 marks, part C has been allotted 18 marks and part D has been allotted 23 marks all together.

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