Tamil Nadu Board Matriculation Exam Mathematics Paper I Papers


Mathematics is one of the subjects of the Matriculation exam of Tamil Nadu Board. There are two papers on the subject. The syllabus is at par the syllabus of other states and the centre. All the topics which would be helpful for the students in their higher studies are covered in the syllabus.

Importance of Mathematics:

Importance of Mathematics is known to everyone. Keeping that importance of the subject in mind, the syllabus of the subject is framed in accordance with the requirements of higher studies. There is also stress on practical knowledge.

Paper Pattern:

In the paper I of mathematics there are three parts. The first part has two sections, the second part has four sections and the third part has one section. Section A, which carries 20 marks, has multiple choice type questions and the rest of the sections have subjective questions. Section B carries 20 marks. Sections C and E carry 15 marks each and Sections D and F carry 10 marks each. These sections comprise the second part of the paper. The topics covered in this paper are algebra, geometry, statistics etc. Some of the topics are A.P., G.P., Cone, Sphere, Cylinder, Graphs, Co-ordinate geometry etc. The first part is of 40 marks, the second part is of 50 marks and the last part is of 10 marks.

Marks and Time:

The total marks of the examination are 100 and the time given to answer the paper is 2½ hours. The marks are distributed in the three parts of the paper, with questions carrying 1, 2, 5 and 10 marks.

Recommended books:

The books of the Tamil Nadu Board are very good for the preparation of the matriculation exam. Students can also refer other books which follow the prescribed syllabus.

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