Tamil Nadu Board Matriculation Examination Arabic (Paper II) Papers


The Arabic Paper 2 of the Tamil Nadu Matriculation Exam comprises of 100 marks. The total time limit for the paper is two and half hours.  It could be a lengthy paper and therefore time should be managed properly. This paper is divided into parts as well. Part A comprises of a logical sequence arranging type questions, reading comprehension and essay writing for 200 words. Part B deals with précis writing, paraphrasing, letter writing, dialogue writing, essay writing based on a quote or a phrase. There are a total of about eleven questions with internal choices among them.

There are basically two types of reading comprehension – one of prose and the other of poetry. There are three types of letters for writing – formal, informal, complaint. The student is expected to answer only one.  There material for reading comprehension may be seen or unseen ones.

The main objective of the exam is to test the reading and comprehension skills of the student along with analytical and verbal skills. There is a quest question where the student is asked to make an advertisement. This is mainly aimed at testing the creative ability of the student amongst other things. You can use the previous years’ paper for general reference.

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