Tamil Nadu Board Matriculation Examination Malayalam (Paper II) Papers


The Malayalam paper II comprises of grammar, composition and non detailed type question. The entire paper is worth 100 marks. The time duration for the same is two and half hours. There are different marks awarded to each type of question. All the questions in the paper are compulsory. There are internal choices provided in mostly all of them. The first two questions require you to attempt 2 questions for five marks each. The third question carries 8 marks for two questions to be answered. There is a reading comprehension for five marks, essay writing and letter writing carrying the weight of about 15 and 10 marks respectively.

Some questions involve solving the grammar, making sentences based on the phrases provided, etc. All these questions are aimed at testing the language and sentence construction skills and abilities of the student. The questions test vocabulary and usage, writing skills etc. All the questions need to be answered in a separate answer sheet provided. The candidate is free to take the question paper home after the exam. Make sure to keep the paper neat and tidy as much as possible. Make sure to complete the paper on time.

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