Top Green Companies in India


Government of India is very much particular about building environmental sustainability by encouraging the development of Green companies in India. Now, the question arising in our mind is ‘what is green company?’ Some of the characteristics of the green companies mentioned below will be helpful for you in understanding the meaning of green company:

Company that reduce toxic emissions

Company that generate electricity from hydroelectric plants

Company that uses solar radiation and biomass as a source of renewable energy

Company that minimizes the use of plastic material

Company that uses recyclable energy

Company that uses natural gas for boiler fuel

With these characteristics, you can come to a conclusion that green companies are companies that use materials that does not cause any harm to the atmosphere. The list of top green companies in India is given below:

List of Top Green companies in India:

Suzlon Energy

ITC Limited

Tata Metalinks Limited

Tamil Nadu Newsprints and Papers Limited

Wipro Technologies

HCL Technologies

Oil & Natural Gas Company

IndusInd Bank

Some of the details regarding these companies are given below:

Suzlon Energy:

Suzlon Energy is the fourth largest Wind-turbine company in the world and the company has convinced the world that wind is going to be the future energy. They have their wind power factory in Pondicherry in India and their corporate building is regarded as the best energy-efficient building in India.

ITC Limited:

ITC Limited is the first to introduce ozone-treated elemental chlorine free bleaching technology in India and with this technology, they have introduced a number of green solutions and products. One of their best products with respect to saving the environment is multi-purpose paper that is less polluting as compared to other similar products.

Tata Metalinks Limited:

Tata Metalinks Limited adopts each day as a green day and to achieve the greener society objective, the company is not operating on Saturdays with the objective of saving energy. Also, the company is following an objective of not switching on the light during day times and the whole office depends on sunlight for light during day times.

Tamil Nadu Newsprints and Papers Limited:

In the pulp and paper sector, Tamil Nadu Newsprints and Papers Limited, which is shortly called as TNPL has earned the Green Business Leadership Award in the year 2009-2010. With the initiative towards greener society, the company has included a wind farm project and two clean development mechanism projects that has shown very good results towards saving the environment.

Wipro Technologies:

As most of us know, they are a top player in the IT sector in India. In spite of the recession period, Wipro held their commitment towards greener economy by introducing several energy star rated products.

HCL Technologies:

HCL Technologies are adopting Go Green for handling the e-waste and toxics in the electronics industry. They are committed towards phasing out the Brominated Flame Retardants and hazardous vinyl plastic from their products.

Oil & Natural Gas Company:

ONGC is a leading producer of Oil in India and they have attained this place in the top green companies by replacing their traditional wooden pyre with green and energy-efficient crematoriums. It has been judged by the company that this will save one-fourth of the time per cremation and will save up to 60-70% of wood.

IndusInd Bank:

IndusInd Bank has brought about green revolution in the banking sector by introducing solar-powered ATM  Center and they are also planning to introduce more such initiative for addressing the challenges in climate change.

Nowadays, every country is aware of the Global warming and they are taking every step to save the economy. The aforesaid companies have shown their initiative and interest towards their objective of a greener India.



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    what is the scope of employment in any of these companies. Ihave completed my M.Sc in environment and Ecology and also wish to pursue some research work and maybe eventually a doctorate