Is Plastic Technology course going towards the agenda of Green Theme?


The course of plastic Technology has reached newer heights of responsibility with the growing blame of going towards the non-green agenda. Thus in order to remove the various blame as well as to create a global impact as well as moving towards the green theme, the course I creating various instances that would help the world to be a better place to live. The course has been inventing various bio-degradable plastics that will be extremely efficiently degraded in the most natural environment and will not create a choking effect of pollution in the environment.

Like this, the course has also address to degrade the remaining produced plastics that are actually degrading the status of the natural environment. The course has made alliance with the B.Tech level course of Bio-Technology that is actually involved in creating various microbes that will be degrading these plastics during their natural metabolism process without producing any side effect materials. The candidates involved in the research are working day and night to create these kinds of micro-organisms. Thus the course of plastic technology is indeed moving towards the green theme.

The course of plastic technology also has been known to create different naturally packing materials that are actually intermediate in between the pulp and plastic. Thus the major application of packaging material will be removed and thus the production of the plastic will be controlled to a large extent. The course therefore has important roles top play to make earth a greener place to live in.



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    ihave finished12standard and i choose plastic technology to study is this safe or not?