Top Mobile Phone Companies in India


Right from the launching of mobile phone services in India, the internal market was ruled by the Nokia Mobile Phones. Even though, the other companies like LG, Sony, Samsung, Motorola and Siemens, entered the Indian Market, they were not in a position to compete with Nokia with respect to quality and price range.

Moreover, mobile phone users felt that Nokia phones are quite easier to use as compared to mobile phones of other companies.

China-made mobile phone entry into Indian market:

There was a period, when the Indian mobile phone market was flooded with the China made phones that were very much cheaper than the phones of the standard companies and these China products were offered with high sound and dual sim features. A lot of people liked these China-made products, who are the lowest and middle income group of the economy. But, the entry of these China-made phones were restricted by the Government of India after the 26/11 attack in Mumbai.

Indian Mobile Phone Market:

Since the China-made phones were banned, many Indian companies started to produce mobile phones at a cheaper rate as compared to the phones offered by the big players in the mobile phone industry. These phones were also of good quality thereby making the market of Nokia mobile phones to dip, but they are still dominating the mobile phone market in India. Some of the Indian companies like Lava, Karbonn, Micromax, etc…are competing with the global companies. Some of the top companies dominating the Indian Mobile Industry are as follows:

Top 5 mobile phone companies in India:

Karbonn Mobiles

Micromax mobile

Spice Mobiles

Videocon Industries Limited

Lava International Limited

Some of the details regarding these top five players in the mobile phone industry in India are given below:

Karbonn Mobiles:

Karbonn Mobiles are operating from their headquarters in the city of Bangalore and they are engaged in the manufacture of smart phones and mobile phones. The parent concern of Karbomm Mobiles is United Telecoms Limited and they have introduced different models of mobile phones in the names of K Series, KC Series and KD Series.

Micromax Mobile:

Micromax mobile is operating from its headquarters in the city of Gurgaon in Haryana and they are also engaged in the manufacture of smart phones and mobile phones. This company came into existence in the year 2000 and they are the third largest handset company in terms of units shipped during the financial year ending 31st March 2010.

Spice Mobiles:

Spice mobiles is a subsidiary of spice group are engaged in the manufacture of an interesting range of CDMA and GSM handsets. They are engaged in the manufacture of mobile phones with latest technology, great functionality and innovative design. Above all, they offer their mobile phones at affordable cost.

Videocon Industries Limited:

Videocon Industries are engaged in the manufacture of various consumer durable products in India and their products range includes mobile phones as well. They are based in the city of Mumbai and they are popular for their GSM based mobile phones. They have manufactured more than 30 different types of mobile phones and they offer mobile phone service as well.

Lava International Limited:

Lava International is an Indian based company having their operations at different parts of the world. They offer a wide range of mobile phones that are becoming the hot favorite among youth these days. Recently, they introduced some of their products like KKT12, KKT 22, KKT 11 and KKT 1, in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

These India-based mobile phone companies are offering the best quality products not only to the Indian customers, but also to their customers located all over the world thereby increasing the revenue of the country.



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