Treasury Analyst – How to become a Treasury Analyst?


Financial status of an organization plays a crucial role in bringing about success or failure to an organization. Stable financial condition can only increase the number of clients and projects of a company. Treasury Analysts are the professionals who analyze the financial assets of the organization and propose various methods to control unnecessary expenditures. Their duties also include predicting the financial risk associated with a project.  Thus the Treasury Analyst has got great demand in the field of business.

Qualifying Exam

A Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting is necessary for the candidates who are interested in pursuing their career as Treasury Analyst. Therefore it is obvious that the candidates should complete their higher secondary courses with economics as compulsory subject. Even though an undergraduate degree is enough to seek the job of Treasury Analyst, it is easier to get the job for the candidates who possess Master’s degree in the related field. Those who possess MBA in Finance will be given more priority. Therefore it is better to pursue a Master’s degree in related field soon after completing the concerned undergraduate course

Who are eligible to apply?

Those who have completed any of the above-mentioned undergraduate or postgraduate degree are eligible to apply for the job of Treasury Analyst. Such candidates should have adequate knowledge in Financial Mathematics. It is not that easy to pursue the job of Treasure Analyst without hands-on experience. Therefore the candidates should join an organization in entry-level position and understand the duties performed by the Treasury Analyst. There will be certain protocols and procedures which plays crucial role in this profession. The candidates can understand all of these crucial facts only with work experience. Due to that reason, most of the reputed organizations recruit only experienced aspirants. Before applying for the job of Treasure Analyst, one should ensure that they possess the required educational qualification and work experience.

Key elements in the process

  • Complete the higher secondary course with economics as compulsory subjects
  • Obtain Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting
  • Obtain Master of Business Administration degree in Finance
  • Browse through the advertisements to find the vacancy for Treasury Analyst and apply to that vacancy if available.

Skills required for a Treasury Analyst

Treasury Analysts should have good mathematical skills to assess the financial deficit if any correctly. Team working skills are also very essential for them to perform their duties efficiently and complete their assigned tasks in time. They should have excellent communication skills to collect as much as crucial information about the assets of an organization.



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