Difference between Quality Analyst and Test Engineer


Any organization typically makes the products through several stages of processing. Each of these stages is crucial as it can influence the features of the product in its own way. The management will specify certain quality standards for the product according to the needs of the customer. The job of the quality analyst is to ensure that all of these quality standards are maintained in each stage of processing. A product can be sold only if it has all the specifications as desired by the customer. Test Engineer is responsible for checking the functionality of the product before it is sold to the customer.

Quality Analyst and its opportunities

Quality Analyst is very essential for all organizations which sell high-quality products. They have great demand in all types of manufacturing companies as they are responsible for checking the quality standards of the product. Experienced quality analysts can look for lucrative opportunities available in high-profile organizations. A great deal of importance is given for these professionals as they deal with the most important specification of the product. List of job profiles that suits these professionals are given below.

  • IT Quality Assurance Analyst
  • System Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Software Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Senior Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Data Quality Analyst

Test Engineer and its opportunities

Test Engineers are usually employed in the organizations which manufacture electronic products. Software industry also employs test engineer for the purpose of checking the code failures. Test Engineers often work in the product development team with the design engineer and check the failures in the product. They start their career as trainees and move on to the position of test engineer after gaining much experience in a particular area. Suitable job profiles available for the test engineers are listed below.

  • Software Test Engineer
  • Senior IT Test Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Senior Systems Test Engineer

Key difference between Quality Analyst and Test Engineer

Quality Analysts are mainly concerned with the quality standards of the product while Test Engineer only cares about the proper functioning of the product.

Quality Analysts need graduation in the concerned stream while engineering degree is must for a Test Engineer.

The service of quality analyst is needed in each stage of processing. But the role of Test Engineer is relevant only in the final stage.



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