What makes MBA so popular?


MBA is one of the most popular courses in the education system of the present India. Not only India, but all over the globe, the importance of MBA is increasing rapidly. This degree provides you with an excelled skill and specialization of Business operations. With the ultimate growth of industries all over the globe, the need of being specialized becomes a must in order to survive in this tough competition. This is one of the prime reasons that are making MBA popular worldwide.

There was an era when it was believed that MBA degree provides us with a gateway for working in the corporate world. But today, the opinions have changed. MBA today not only provides gateway to corporate sector, but opens the door of opportunities in every sector where transactions are involved.
A MBA degree holder is readily accepted in every field where business or transactions are to be managed. This is also one of the many reasons that are making MBA so popular.

Apart from all the above mentioned points, MBA also provides a candidate with ideas of starting their own enterprise. Many of the present MBA degree holders are rejecting good job offers and are going for their own Business. This is resulting in the industrialization growth of the country. Many have even succeeded pretty well in their ventures after completion of MBA degree. The course of MBA is designed in such a way that it makes the student aware of all the aspects of business, and thus risk factor gets decreased when that person starts his or her own enterprise.



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    I heard MCA is better version of MBA… Is it true sir? Please elaborate. Thank you

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    WHAT IS M.B.A.?

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    what is the basic difference between MBA and DUA ? and can i and the PGDM and MBA courses??