MBA Colleges in Tripura


Education in the state of Tripura has been developing at a faster pace right from the early 1970s and the state is presently offering immense opportunities to the students from within and from outside the state of Tripura.

The Department of Education was established in the state to carry on the smooth operation of the education system at different levels and this education was again divided into three sections each for school education, higher education and social education and social welfare departments. Among the different courses offered in the state of Tripura, MBA course is offered by Management colleges.

Courses offered by Management Colleges in Tripura:

When we hear the term management colleges, most of us think that management colleges offer MBA course alone. However, management colleges in the state of Tripura offer the following courses:

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Master of Business Administration

What does MBA colleges in Tripura offer?

The MBA programme offered in the state of Tripura prepares the students with the strategic perspective, skills and knowledge required for business leadership and managerial career in any part of the world. The MBA course offered in Tripura is designed to offer both an ability to apply, integrate and adapt managerial skills in different management settings and a portfolio of strong functional skills.  MBA colleges in Tripura offer this course in different specializations in addition to general course in MBA.

Scope of MBA from Tripura:

Colleges offering MBA course in Tripura are popular institutions and therefore candidates with MBA from these institutions can be rest assured of their future job placements and some of these institutions offer campus placement facilities as well.

List of MBA Colleges in Tripura:

Tripura University (Department of Management Studies)

The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University, Tripura

National Institute of Technology, Agartala



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