What to do after B.Sc in Biotechnology?


Students who have finished their graduation in the field of biotechnology can either opt for higher studies or try for jobs. They have an option to do research too as biotechnology is one of the most emerging fields of study. They have an option to study and work in India or overseas. Details on what to do after graduating in Biotechnology are given below.

Higher Studies Options after B.Sc in Biotechnology

There are many courses that are available for students to choose from. Some of the courses that are presented for students to go for after the completion of their graduate studies are:

  • Master of Technology in Biotechnology
  • Integrated PhD courses
  • Master of Philosophy in Biotechnology
  • Master of Science in Applied Biotechnology
  • Master of Science in Zoology (Animal Biotechnology)
  • Master of Science in Biotechnology
  • Master of Science in Industrial Biotechnology
  • Master of Science in Marine Biotechnology
  • Master of Science in Medical Biotechnology
  • Master of Science in Plant Biotechnology
  • PhD in biological sciences
  • Ph.D. Biotechnology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research
  • Post M.Sc. (Agriculture) Biotechnology
  • Graduate Diploma in Pharma Biotechnology
  • Master of Veterinary Science in (Animal) Biotechnology
  • M.Tech. Biotechnology
  • Master of Science in. / Master of Veterinary Science in Veterinary Biotechnology
  • Master of Technology in Biomedical Engineering / Biotechnology

Job Opportunities for B.Sc in Biotechnology Graduates

Just about all industries take in students of biotechnology. For this reason, the career prospects for Bio technologists are quite high nowadays. Multiple career opportunities are available for professionals of biotechnology. Some of the areas where they can get jobs include:

  • Agriculture Industries
  • Agro Based Industries
  • Aquaculture Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Colleges And Universities
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Media Houses As Science Writer
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Research Laboratories

Short Term Courses for B.Sc in Biotechnology Graduates

There are quite a few short term courses that are made available for students of biotechnology. They can go for courses like Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology, Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research & Regulatory Affairs, Biotechnology Training; Certificate Program in Clinical Research and Diploma in Biotechnology.



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79 Responses to “What to do after B.Sc in Biotechnology?”

  1. 79
    reena singh:

    hi. plz tell me is there any course except msc and diploma in biotech.
    and best course with high salary in it

  2. 78
    Namrata singh:

    Hi i am a biotechnology graduate and now m doing my post graduation diploma in clinical research. I wanted to know what is the scope & jobs available after this course.

  3. 77
    champa das:

    i hv completed bsc biotech in 2011 and from last two yrs m doing nothng ,just fillng various forms of gov jobs.can u tell me any job orientd course in managable fee which can provide me atleast private job

  4. 76

    I have completed my 10+2 and i want to take up biotechnology nex

  5. 75

    hiee… which are the institutes offer integrated msc mtech course in foodtechnology in india right now i m waitin for my bsc biotech results

  6. 74

    what to do after b.sc biotechnology

  7. 73

    am doing bsc (chemistry,zoology n biotechnology) so am confused wt to do next after completion of bsc…totally i want to shine in biotechnology..pleeease suggest me..

  8. 72
    Ruchi Saxena:

    I m doing bsc biotech 3rd yr…..after this what kind of jobs related to this…??????

  9. 71
    Ruchi Saxena:

    I m doing biotech 3rd yr…..after this what kind of jobs related to this…??????

  10. 70
    Janhvi Sawleshwarkar:

    I am doing bsc biotechnology. what can I doing msc in industrial biotechnology affter bsc

  11. 69
    sunil kumar:

    sir iam studying bsc 2nd year in biotechnology so my question is some people are telling that studying biotechnology is the late process and there is no value they are telling that but is there any value by studing biotechnology?

  12. 68

    i’m studying b.tech biotechnology first year…is any msc anatomy .,MSC PHARMACOLOGY or doctor related coures r there????????????????? AND ALSO TELL ME THE COLLEGES OFFERES THIS COURSE……….

  13. 67

    I have finished ma 12th and M confused which 1 to take between bio tech and Bsc…!??
    and ma maths is week..!!
    so plz suggest me wit any 1 of these..!!

  14. 66
    Mani Megalai:

    what to do after my B.Sc plant biology and plant biotechnology.?

  15. 65
    arundhati chatterjee:

    i m nt planning for masters……i want to do jo aftr bsc…… Prefrably i want to go in food/vaccine management of production

  16. 64
    krisshna engineer:

    i have finished my bsc in biotechnology and i would like to know what i can pursue further is doing MBA beneficial or masters in which field please advice thank you

  17. 63
    Rumana anam:

    What should i do after my completion of B.sc in biotechnology

  18. 62

    m a stdnt f bsc biotech 3rd sm.aftr cmpltn i wnt 2 go fr mba prgra.plz hlp me out wth d prcdure 2 go to it.

  19. 61

    please say me the further studies after completing 3 years
    bsc biotechnology biochemistry chemistry .

  20. 60

    Courses after bsc biotch…

  21. 59
    What type of joa after bsc bioteck.:

    What type of job after bsc bioteck.

  22. 58

    hi, due illness during ma exams i was unable to give 4 theory papers ….i vl give exam for those 4 papers in this oct…. so vl i get admission in msc biotech on this basis in mumbai????

  23. 57

    hi,i m planning to do B.sc biotech but many of my faculties are suggesting me to opt some other field coz to achieve a bright future in biotech will take a lot of time and it wil take into a reseach field which require a great patience which i dont have…..
    so can u suggest me what i shd do after B.sc biotech that wil take me into a good future???
    and can u clear my above mention confusion about biotech??

  24. 56
    simran jangir:

    witch branch is best for research or job in m.sc biotechnology and best university for that?

  25. 55
    ankita rai:

    how do get job after biotech??
    is college will be responsible for placement??

  26. 54
    amit chauhan:

    bsc.k after doing me m.pharma &other cours

  27. 53

    what is the best option b.sc or b.tech for biotechnology if main aim is phD

  28. 52
    Fahadullah Khan:

    is MBA possible after BSC Bio tech

  29. 51
    Pooja Sevak:

    I have done with my graduation in biotchnology in 2011. Please tell me what will be the best option After BSc Biotech. I want to do M.Sc. But should I do Msc in Biotch or any other better option is there ? Please answer me I am too much confused.

  30. 50
    Dharmesh kakadiya.:

    M.tech in biotechnology cource possible after b.sc.in.biotechnology?

  31. 49
    Nisha rajput:

    iam in Bsc Biotechnology nd after that i want to join MBA.

  32. 48

    from where to do m.sc biotech in jabalpur

  33. 47

    hello sir
    i’m doing b.sc. bio tech from ccs university in meerut,
    can i get admission in trichology after completed b.sc biotech,

  34. 46
    aakeel wani:

    hello sir
    i am doing b.sc biotechnology in lovely professional university can i get admission in pune university for integrated M.sc/M.tech biotechnology

  35. 45
    Pooja Sevak:

    What will be the better option after B.sc in biotech M.sc in Biotech or M.sc in Biochemistry ?

  36. 44

    I have passed 60% in B.Sc (BIOTECHNOLOGY).What should i do now?i want to go for higher studies.

  37. 43
    tumpa akter:

    i have just passed B.Sc in GENETIC ENG AND BIOTECHNOLOGY.What should i do now?i want to go for higher studies.i want full free scholarship.

  38. 42

    i had completed bsc in biotechnology with 50% marks which course should be right after this mscbiotechnology or micrology or bioinformatics what is the scope of these subjects in india what is the right option to select after in biotechnology does graduates get good oppurtunities in companies copared to it’sand softwares iam kindly requesting to give right information for my future

  39. 41

    plz suggest me what is better option after doing bsc in biotechnology.and kindly suggest me top biotech colleges of rajasthan.

  40. 40
    [email protected]:

    i am Bsc Biotechnology completed so me jobe work i me help me

  41. 39
    asma iqbal:

    can you please give me some details as to where can i get the biotechnology training .the one which you have mentioned in short term courses . pls if you can tell if there are such centres in bangalore

  42. 38
    vivekshakya Etawah:

    i am complete bsc. biotech and next what do after that

  43. 37

    What are the different fields for students who have passed 10+2 with medical subjects? What are the opportunities for medical students? And what are the courses for medical students? What are the job opportunities for medical students?

  44. 36

    now i did b.sc in biotechnology after finishing the degree is that any option to do higher studies in abroad

  45. 35

    my sister is doing Bsc biotechnology now. after this she like to do Msc bioinformatics. is this option is correct? will she have any job opportunities after her post graduation?

  46. 34

    my sister is doing Bsc biotechnology now. after this she like to do post graduation in bioinformatics. is this option is correct? will she have any job opportunities after her post graduation?

  47. 33

    my wife she has completed Bsc biotechnology for yrs before.after her graduation she enterd in multimedia.for past two yrs.now she is a homemaker.now she like to go to job.is there any possible she can go for biotechnonology related job?
    Or she want study anything more in de same as her graduation?

  48. 32
    vijay sahu:

    my self vijay kumar sahu , i m purshueing b.tech know that i have intrested in medical and pharmasecutical fields after the b.tech completeting in job. help me

  49. 31

    my self Reyaz Ahmad i have just complete my
    Bsc-Biotechnology from S.M.U. &my 6th I want to do
    Msc-Biotechnology from Bangalore,,,, plz,,
    suggest me which college is better for me.and
    my 6th semester Result is awaiting .Hope Better
    Regards to you.

  50. 30

    Wat s the diffrence b/w bsc.bio techology n b.tech

  51. 29

    m doing my bsc.biotech.wat s d scope 4 d course?after my bsc wat r d feilds available 2 work in??? kindly enclose d amount paid?? s tat good if i do msc.biotec.after completing bsc,or suggest a course after bsc.biotec tat wich i can earn more after d studies…my interest s 2 work in a hospital…pls help me out…..

  52. 28
    priyanka verma:

    how can we apply m.sc in biotech from abroad?better job option after b.sc biotech?

  53. 27

    i have done bsc biotechnology from INDIA , now i want to do masters in veterinary field in us then is it proper for me ?if proper then which universities provide this veterinary course and also which is near jersicity . please solve my problem

  54. 26
    Basant dev:

    Dear sir i want to know that pursueing MBA after b.sc biotech for batter job opertunety is good or bad plz tell me sir i m tottaly confuse. Thanks.

  55. 25
    rohit singh:

    which course or diploma we do after msc biotechnology

  56. 24
    rohit singh:

    what course or education i do after msc biotechnology

  57. 23

    after my 12th std science I would like to persue biomedical tecnology. My aim in life is to have my own business, be self employed. What is the scope and in which of the field of bio medical technology should I select…

  58. 22

    how can i apply marine enginiaring after complit b.sc. biotechnology.

  59. 21
    Jaya kiran:

    I have appeared in b.sc biotech final year and i want go further in this field,but i have financial problem,so i m looking for job in this field,after 2-3 years i will go for higher studies in this field,plz sugest me

  60. 20
    satya negi:

    plz kindely informed about me scope in m.sc biotech

  61. 19
    harsh thakur:

    I am doing my B.Tech in biotechnology. But i am not much interested in pursuing my career in this field. Dur to family pressures i joined it. what are the other ares i can look for the job after completion of my graduation. I am in my final year.

  62. 18
    ravikant sahu:

    i copleted in bsc biotechnology and iliving chattishgarh so pls ask in top collage in chttishgarh and also said about what can i do after bsc biotechnology.

  63. 17

    I completed my bsc in biotechnology. is msc in food biotechnology a good option? Is it a completely research field? Tell me other aspects also. What kind of job i wil get after msc?

  64. 16

    iam a bsc biotechnolgy student i want know i have any oppurtunities in medical and pharmaseutical fields after compleeting the bsc(ug) please help me

  65. 15

    where are the jobs for bsc biotech fresher in u.p, delhi. plz suggest me some copmanies,

  66. 14

    what is the best option as i just finish my Bsc biotechnology.
    please suggest me what can i do further and what is more beneficial either Msc in any specilised subject or MBA in biotechnology ? and tell me also from which university….?

  67. 13

    I completed Bsc Biotechnology From sikkim manipal university.Can i do MTech in biomedical engineering after Bsc Biotechnology?pls suggest me some Best universities for the admission..and what kind of job oportunity will get after MTech..?

  68. 12

    is there any diplomo courses offered,after completing bsc biotech advance zoology.it may have good scope in that.

  69. 11


  70. 10

    Hi..im YAMINI studying 2nd year PUC.im thinking to join medical college but if I could not join then I can only take up Bio technology. So is their any advantages in studying biotechnology? How long is the course ?

  71. 9
    sonam choden:

    if i dnt get 70% in phy, chem and maths bt in 50s and 60s then is btech will be good carrier for me???

  72. 8

    m doin bsc biotech nw, what can i do after completing b.sc ?? plzz suggest sm gud courses…actually m interested in doin genetic engineering .can i go for that??

  73. 7

    Im doing bsc. biotech so what can i do further after complecting it? nd if i go for any short of job then what kind of job i’ll be getting nd what will b the starting salary of it.nd can i get any job in government sector? do i need to do msc[net, gate].what are the essential qualification to add my portfolio?


  74. 6

    m doin bsc biotech,what are the options available after doin bsc,what are the job opportunities afer bsc,do i need to do msc/mba,what are the essential qualifications to add to my portfolio?

  75. 5
    neha ohal:

    im doing bsc. biotech so what can i do further after completing my ty? n if i go for any sort of job den what kind of job i,ll b getting and what will b d starting salary of it.and can i get i get any job in government sector?

  76. 4

    m doin bsc biotech,what are the options available after doin bsc,what are the job opportunities afer bsc,do i need to do msc/mba,what are the essential qualifications to add to my portfolio?

  77. 3

    My sister will complete graduation in biotechnology from pune this year. She would like to pursue her studies with specialisation on onco cells or endocrinology. I would like to know the details regarding this , whethere this can be done any where in India , including her home town kerala?
    Thanking u in anticipation\

  78. 2

    how can we apply m.sc in biotech from abroad?better job option after b.sc biotech?

  79. 1

    how will be msc regenarative medicine after bsc biotechnology……..what’s its scope in india…..