Film and Video Editor – How to become a Film and Video Editor?


Film and video editors are the professionals who are the most essential part of the film making team. They are the persons responsible for the high technical quality output of a film. With the guidance of a director, these experts edit film until it meets the requirements of director. They perform various jobs according to the director’s direction such as arranging the scenes that have been shot, place to insert music or sounds or optical effects and the removal of unwanted scenes or other effects.

Most of the film and video editors usually utilize computers or nonlinear editing systems to perform their tasks. They work with work prints that are the copies of images, to arrange the scenes and transitions that make up a perfect film. They figure out an edit decision list after the completion of film. This decision list will include an outline of every shot as well as the length of the film. The negative of the film is then sent to the film lab after processing the list to negative that is done by the negative matcher.

These professionals working in the television field use computer software and other editing systems to edit film for commercials, public service information and station detection. They are also responsible for checking the films which comes in the television station for damage. These experts usually specialize in theatrical and non-theatrical jobs.

Qualifying Exam

Normally no specific degree is required to become a film and video editor. But most of these professionals have at least an undergraduate degree. Many institutions also offer programmes in film making. Qualifications in other subjects such as English, arts or photography can also be pursued by these professionals to enter in this field. However experience is main factor in this area. They must be aware about the use of film projectors, digital and computer editing systems.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students who wish to become a film and video editor must at least complete their high school education from a reputed institution. After completing this, they can apply for the undergraduate degree in any of the disciplines like English, arts or photography. They must also apply and obtain the other related courses for getting deep knowledge about film and video editing. Experienced candidates in this field are eligible to apply for the position as Film and Video editor.

Key points in the process

  • Pursue pass in the 10+2 or equivalent examination of a recognized board.
  • Join for the undergraduate degree programme in any of the branch of study such as arts, English or photography in a recognized university and pursue it.
  • Obtain qualification in additional courses about computer and digital editing systems.
  • Find out the job as Film and Video Editors and apply for it.

Skills required for a Film and Video Editor

Individuals who have the keen interest and passion to work in the technical side of film field are most apt for this profession. Candidates must also possess certain skills to carry out the job of Film and Video editor. Mostly these professionals work under great pressure, so they must have the physical stamina to cope up with this. They usually have to work closely with directors and producers of film. Thus it is necessary that they must remain alert, responsive and even-tempered.



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