Difference between Network Systems Analyst and Data Communications Analyst


Both Network systems Analyst and Data Communications Analyst are the professionals working in the same field, computer systems. Even though the two professions are carried out in same field, there exist a lot of differences between them. Network Systems Analysts are the experts who deal in the network related area, specially the LAN and WAN. Data Communications Analysts are the professionals who test and manage the communication systems.

Network Systems Analyst Course and Career opportunities

Network Systems Analysts are the experts working in network field that includes mainly LAN, WAN, intranet and internet. They analyze, design, check and assess these systems. The communication through network systems has got a great demand all over the world and the need for experts to handle this area are also increasing.

Network Systems Analysts work with the network systems and users and satisfies the requirements of employers to meet their business targets. These professionals usually find their employment in business firms or as consultants in the organizations. These analysts have to evaluate the existing network operations and to design most advantageous solutions for data communication which includes internet, organization intranets, WANs and LANs. They may also work with other related professionals in the organizations such as network administrators, engineers, security specialists, database administers, IT managers and network architects.

Most of these professionals start their career as IT professionals and gradually moves to the position of Network Systems Analyst. To enter in this field of profession, one must have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information systems. Apart from this formal education, they should also possess certain skills like problem solving ability, analytical and numerical ability, etc. to perform in this area.

Data Communications Analyst Course and Career opportunities

The Data Communications Analysts are the most demanded professionals in the information technology field. They are normally recruited by business firms to maintain and troubleshoot the data systems used by the firm. These experts are sometimes called the network architects. They design, evaluate and administer the communications systems that include LANs and WANs.

These professionals plan the model, examine and design new networks, perform the installation of hardware and software, explore products and suggest hardware and software purchases. The various hardware parts which these specialists work with include routers, fiber optic cables and adapters. These specialists also write instructions, show users how to utilize equipments, collect data on user requirements and keep up to date by interacting with vendors and reading technical books.

Like network systems analyst, these professionals also begin their career with other related roles in the IT field. They need a minimum of bachelor’s degree qualification in computer related discipline to get into this field. But most employers require candidates with Master’s degree for the post of Data Communications Analyst.

Key differentiators between Network Systems Analyst and Data Communications Analyst

  • Network Systems Analysts are the experts who work with the network systems, especially LANs, WANs, intranets and internet whereas Data Communication Analysts specialize in the maintenance and troubleshooting of data systems in a firm.

Although Network Systems Analyst and Data Communication Analyst perform their jobs in the same field, they differ in many aspects.



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