How to become a Data Scientist?


Data Scientists need to have both analytical as well as storytelling skills. The job involves asking the right questions and finding the correct answer. Candidates who have completed M.Tech/ M.S. in areas like mathematics, computer science, mechanical engineering can apply for this post. They should have the required programming skills in areas like Python, Java, R, SAS, Matlab.

The job of the Data Scientist begins with capturing data. It involves using programming skills, database skills. The next step is to analyze the data. Data scientist will need to use statistical and maths tools to analyse the data. Asking questions and not just relying on the facts presented is a must. The final step involves presenting the data.  This involves using presentation tools like power point, excel, Google Visualization API, HighCharts etc. Story telling skills is also a must.

Qualification required to become a Data Scientist

The minimum qualification required for applying for the Data Scientist post is M.Tech or M.S. in any of the following areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Applied Statistics
  • Mechanical Engineering or related disciplines

Other than this the candidate must have practical experience in areas like statistical modeling and mathematical and computational sciences. It is must for the candidate to have updated knowledge in the recent advances. Sound knowledge in areas like probability is a must. Skills in areas like logistic regression, hypothesis testing and statistical estimation are essential. Most companies use models like Bayesian modeling, Reliability models, multivariate statistics, cluster analysis, statistical classification and time series analysis. So knowledge to use them is also required. Programming skills in areas like Python, Java, R, SAS, Matlab is a must. Over and above these skills the candidate should be able to work with global businesses to create new programs.

Candidates applying for senior posts need to have experience in working with Big Data tools and platforms. Some of the commonly used tools are Mahout, Hadoop, PIG/HIVE. PhD in computer science, statistics or related field is also desirable. Strong interpersonal skills and excellent written and verbal communication skills are also a must.

Role of a Data Scientist

The role of a Data Scientist is to capture unstructured data, analyse them and presenting the same. A data scientist is required to find answers to questions not yet found. A good scientist will be able find solutions to the right problems. He/she should be able to spot trends in the data. Exploring various areas, analyzing, doing the ‘what if” analysis, questioning existing processes and assumptions etc. are all a must.



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