IETE DIPIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Data Communication & Network Papers


The World of electronics devices and the computers use an extensive knowledge of the data communication and network. The advancement in the world of web has solely been possible with the advancement in the field of the data communication and the networking. They have helped to integrate the different parts of the world and form a grid over which the immense amount of data can be exchanged.

Importance of the paper

This IETE DIPIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Data Communication & Network Papers mainly focus on the different ways of propagation of the data from its point of origin to the destination and the equipments and the devices employed.


The Data Communication & Network Paper has some MCQ’s and some subjective questions.

Paper pattern

The paper pattern of the Industrial Engineering paper is described below:

  • DIPIETE sets 9 questions for Industrial Engineering
  • First questions which has 10 MCQs is mandatory.Only one option is correct out of 4 given options.
  • Candidates should select 5 more suitable questions as per their knowledge and answer them.
  • First question should be answered in the space provided for it.


This 100 marks paper has two types of questions, multiple choice and subjective. Multiple choice questions are 10 in number and holds 20 marks with a weightage of 2 marks for each questions. Subjective questions are 8 in number and only 5 is required to be answered. Subjective questions have a weightage of 80 marks with 16 marks for each question.

Some questions from the question paper

The questions asked may be like short note on peer to peer protocol, various layers of OSI reference model, Define protocols, Classification of Protocols, Line coding, Manchester line coding method in digital communication, modulation methods for transmission of digital signals, Asynchronous Transfer mode, FSK modulation, impedance, attenuation, capacitance, bandwidth, High level data link control protocols, HDLC frame format, media access control and traffic control in FDDI etc.

Recommended books

The most popular books used by the students are the “Data Communications and Networking by Behrouz A. Forouzan and Local Area Networks by Tata Mac Graw Hills.

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