Summer internship program in L & T


Summer internship program offered at L & T is a two month training program. This program is meant for the students of premier B-schools who have successfully completed their first year of MBA program. Further details regarding the SIP are mentioned in the article below.

Selection Procedure for internship Program

The selection procedure for SIP offered at L & T is a two step process. The first round of selection will be a 1 hour functional group discussion. In this level of selection the aspirants will be given topics associated with HRM and OB. Several skills of the applicants are evaluated at this level like the following.

  • Communication skills
  • Degree of Participation
  • Depth of knowledge
  • Application of knowledge

Within this 1 hour there will be a chance for every individual to express their views on the topic. Based on the student’s performance in this round they will be short listed to the second and last level of selection which will be an interview. The interview will be for time duration of 15 to 20 minutes. The interview will be conducted so as to evaluate the following skills.

  • Organizational Fit
  • Personal Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills

The offers will be made directly on the spot or else on the same day. After selection, L & T will keep a higher level of contact with all the short listed interns of L & T. The company will make sure that they are well informed about the future proceedings of the internship.

Institutes visited by L & T for SIP

For Finance, L & T generally visit the following institutions:

  • IIM, Indore
  • XLRI, Jamshedpur
  • IIM, Kozhikode
  • IIM, Lucknow

For HR, L & T visit the following institutions:

  • Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
  • XLRI, Jamshedpur
  • Symbiosis Centre for Management and HRD, Pune
  • Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune

Structure of summer internship program in L & T

Each of the selected interns will be assigned to a particular department depending on their specialization. They will be assigned to one of the three projects like Core project, Group project, and Idea project. During the program they will be offered a monthly stipend of around Rs.15000/-. There will be separate guides assigned for each project. They will also be allocated a Project Sponsor as well. During the course they will undergo various personal and also interpersonal competencies programs like Planning & Organizing, Drive for Result, Team Orientation and so on.



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    Ansari mohd shahbaz:

    dear sir/Mam
    I am a student of BE final year(electronics engg) can you inform me about how to apply internship in your company.

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    Dear sir/Mam
    Can you tell me how to apply for this internship.I am currently pursuing my final year Computer Engineering.

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    how i can apply for this

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    am a student of MBA first year in Osmania university hyderabad.
    can u plz tell me the procedure how can i apply for the summer internship program in L&T?

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    i am a civil engineering student of nit jsr. currently i am in my 2nd year. can i apply for summer training ?

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    Sir / Madam,
    I am currently pursuing MBA 1st Year.
    I would like to do my summer internship from your company in Finance.
    I would be thankful to you, if you give me an oppourtunity.
    Parth Mukhi
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    B ROSY:

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    I am B.Rosy presently I am studying PGD, Finance from MASTER SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, Meerut. I would like to do my summer intern ship from your company.I am ready to give any interview
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    I am Dodle Prashantha student of RGU IIIT Basar, Adilabad. I would like to do an internship for two months(April&May).
    Education Details:
    B.Tech 3rd year..
    Branch:Civil Engg
    Contact Mail Id: [email protected]
    I have a CGPA of almost 70%

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    pooja phalke:

    I am a third year ENTC engineering student pursuing my degree from pune university,i want to do internship in pune
    which are the companies which provide interns?
    and how should i go up for further process?

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    can you please reply that what are the internship programmes offered in electronics and communication in iit bombay and when are they conducted?

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