To crack the AIEEE exam you require books which are informative, where subject matters are explained very clearly, which contains tonnes of numerical problems and which have exercises full of questions. You can find plenty of such books in the market but only few of them will solve your purpose. While buying a book for your preparation, you should see the approach of the writer for explaining new things, how he solves numerical problems and whether the book has plenty of problems or not. If you find all these things in a book then you should definitely buy that book.

Moreover, apart from text books you should also buy some MCQ Books and solve them. This will help you to get acquainted with the exam pattern and prepare yourself accordingly. This will also help you to know your strong and weak portions. Thus, in order to prepare for the AIEEE, one needs to avail the following books. They are as follows:


• R. S. Agarwal – Maths XI & XII

• S.L. Loni – Plane Trigonometry Part I

• S.L. Loni – Co-ordinate Geometry

• Hall & Knight – Higher Algebra

• I.A. Maron – Problems in Calculus of One Variable

• Vectors & 3-D Geometry–  Arihant Prakashan

• Vectors Shanti Narayan

• V Govorov, P.Dybov, N.Miroshin, S.Smirnova.–  Problems in Mathematics

• Bernard & Child – Higher Algebra

• Dr. Gorakh Prasad– Co-ordinate Geometry

• K.P. Basu – Algebra Made Easy

• DoroFeev, Patapov – Elementary Math’s

• Krechmar Math’s

• G.N. Berman – A Problem Book in Mathematical Analysis

• W. Feller – Intro. to Probability & its Applications

• Calculus J. Edward


• NCERT – Chemistry XI & XII

• P. Bahadur – Physical Chemistry

• Arihant Prakashan–  Organic Chemistry

• O.P. Agarwal–  IIT Chemistry

• Ebbing – General Chemistry

• J.D. Lee Concise — Inorganic Chemistry

• R.T. Morrison, R.N. Boyd – Organic Chemistry

• R.C. Mukhrjee – Numerical Chemistry

• Francis Carey – Organic Chemistry

• I. L. Finar – Organic Chemistry-Vol I

• Bahal & Bahal – Organic Chemistry

• Sienko & Plane – Chemistry Principles & Applications

• P.W. Atkins – Physical Chemistry

• Bruce H. Mahan – University Chemistry


H.C. Verma – Concepts of Physics Vol I and II

I.E. Irodov – Problems in General Physics

Halliday, Resnick & Walker – Fundamentals of Physics

Sears and Zemansky – University Physics

Nelkon and Parker– Advanced Level Physics

A.A Pinsky – Problems in Physics

S.S Krotov – Aptitude Test Problems in Physics

L.A. Sena – A collection of questions and Problems in Physics

V.Zubov & V.Shalnov – Problem in Physics

S.L Loney – Elements of Dynamics Part I & II

S.L. Loney – Dynamics of a Particle & of Rigid Bodies

R.P. Feynman – The Feynman Lectures on Physics vols 1 & 2

Chen, Min– Physics Problems w/solutions

Tipler – Physics Vols I & II

These are few of the popular books that can help one in giving all the necessary knowledge about the Topics in AIEEE. The standard of the questions in AIEEE are not of very high level, but does require a lot of concepts. Hence these books help in developing concept in a topic. Amongst the several books, H.C.Verma is best for Physics, NCERT and O.P.Aggarwal is best for chemistry, and R.S Aggarwal is best for the mathematics.

These books, if studied properly and thoroughly, can help one in great deal in cracking out AIEEE with a good rank.



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    Arun Vashisht:

    I am Arun vashisht. can your suggest me the book for preperation of entrance exam for electrical evening from DCE

  2. 38
    akash chaurasiya:

    i am 12th pass student
    can u suggest a book for preparing AIEEE
    the book should contain all 3 subjects (maths, physics &chemistry) in a single book, solved question papers, practice papers, with detailed information of all the topics which are important for the exam

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    Dinesh Yadav:

    Sir, I have one query. I want to know between RD Sharma and RS Aggarwaal, which book you would recommend best? For both school and competitive level also.
    Which book should I use as a extra in chemistry for both school level and higher level? Everyone says that chem ncert is enough, but I want any 1 extra book too. So which book I should use?
    And For school level, which book should I use? Pradeep or HC verma?

    Sir, Please recommend me those book which I can study myself easily and understand easily too.Please suggest any 1 which is best. Thanks

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    plz send me AIEEE old paper

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    Amit Kumar Sah:

    I have filled up the AIEEE application form online. What I have to do in case admit card is not delivered?

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    raja shekar:

    for aieee entrance exam suggest best book or suggest a book for preparing aieee

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    acetic acid + oxygen (excess)

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    Deepak pradhan:

    Which type of question will ask in AIEEE examination . Is it objective or theory question .

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    Shailesh pyasi:

    I am shailesh pyasi from jabalpur and i am in 11th standard and i want your sugesion what is complete refrence book in chemistry for iit jee

  11. 29

    You suggest a book for preparing AIEEE the book shold cntain all 3 subject( maths, chemestry and physics

  12. 28

    I am in 12th,
    can u suggest a book for preparing AIEEE
    the book should contain all 3 subjects (maths, physics &chemistry) in a single book, solved question papers, practice papers, with detailed information of all the topics which are important for the exam.

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    Waheed ur rehman:

    I am full prepared for Aieee.plz pray for my sucess

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    I finished my 11th but did not prepared for Aieee ,what should i do now

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    Shubham agnihotri:

    How does a microphone do work?

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    i’m preparing for MHT CET but i had to give aieee so what books should i reffer to get prepare for aieee..

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    I myself Vijaysuraj Nadar from mumbai.
    I am maharashtra board student at 10 std.

    I am in 12th science.
    I want to know some best books of author for aieee.

    So i please request u to give some clue about it.

    Thank you sir,

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    i am a student of iit target . please give me some names of good iit & aieee pcm books.
    plz suggest me right book which is really very useful for me .either it is hard .and plz for both AIEEE &IIT 2012.

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    Nitesh karna:

    plz.suggest best book of inorganic organic and phy chemistry for both aieee and iit?

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    Iam finishing my three years diploma in 2012.could I appear for aieee entrance exam in 2013.what will be my maximum time duration to be appear in aieee exam.

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    lotiya ronak:

    My question is:I am studing in 11th standered in gujarati mediam. I want to give AIEEE exam for next year. what can i do for preparetion for AIEEE.Help me.

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    I have 1 month time for aieee.Which book should i refer to crack aieee? Also how many hours per subject am i supposed to study?

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    Sir, pls tell or suggest me only three best books for PCM…SO that i can prepare well before exams arrive…n can you pls suggest the original exam dates…reply as soon as possible….

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    1)give the list which books are very best for aieee entrance exams for maths,physics,chemisty? 2)shedule for ten days preparation for each subject?

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    sir i passed 12th exm in 2009 can i attempt aieee exam pls send ur ans as soon as

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    is R.D.SHARMA is good for aieee

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    Sir, please tell me the best three books for the best preparation of aieee!

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    give me information about important topic for aieee in all three subjects

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    Please tell me about important topics for aieee exam of physics chemistry math .

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    is it easy to approach to aieee . what are the weightage of the lessons.are 1st year lessons included

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    Amulya Madem:

    I am not confident with the basics in Maths and Chemistry. So how can I overcome this problem by going with reference books?

  33. 7
    Neha Gupte:

    Can I clear AIEEE by studing on my own?

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    how is mohit sardana(maths) for aieee

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    i am from maharashtra board
    pls tell me which book is good for me for aieee

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    The price of NCERT PART 1 & 2 Biology and Chemistry book.:

    The price of NCERT PART 1 & 2 biology and chemistry

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    plz tell about JNU entrance exam

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    My Maths Is Weak? How To Improve And Prepare For 12TH Board?? Thanks

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    instead of r s agarwal ,iam following r d r d sharma a good one?