Recommended Books For AIEEE 2009 Entrance Exam


AIEEE is among the most popular exam among the students who wish to do engineering and architecture courses. The number of seats offered by AIEEE is also quite huge but the number of applicants is also very large, thereby making the competition tougher. Given below is the list of recommended books for AIEEE examinations. The list contains the names of many books, you need not study all, you can chose from the books below to prepare for the examination.


H.C. Verma – Concepts of Physics Vol I and II
I.E. Irodov – Problems in General Physics
Halliday, Resnick & Walker – Fundamentals of Physics
Sears and Zemansky – University Physics
Nelkon and Parker– Advanced Level Physics
A.A Pinsky – Problems in Physics
S.S Krotov – Aptitude Test Problems in Physics
L.A. Sena – A collection of questions and Problems in Physics
V.Zubov & V.Shalnov – Problem in Physics
S.L Loney – Elements of Dynamics Part I & II
S.L. Loney – Dynamics of a Particle & of Rigid Bodies
R.P. Feynman – The Feynman Lectures on Physics vols 1 & 2
Chen, Min– Physics Problems w/solutions
Tipler – Physics Vols I & II


• NCERT – Chemistry XI & XII
• P. Bahadur – Physical Chemistry
• Arihant Prakashan–  Organic Chemistry
• O.P. Agarwal–  IIT Chemistry
• Ebbing – General Chemistry
• J.D. Lee Concise — Inorganic Chemistry
• R.T. Morrison, R.N. Boyd – Organic Chemistry
• R.C. Mukhrjee – Numerical Chemistry
• Francis Carey – Organic Chemistry
• I. L. Finar – Organic Chemistry-Vol I
• Bahal & Bahal – Organic Chemistry
• Sienko & Plane – Chemistry Principles & Applications
• P.W. Atkins – Physical Chemistry
• Bruce H. Mahan – University Chemistry


• R. S. Agarwal – Maths XI & XII
• S.L. Loni – Plane Trigonometry Part I
• S.L. Loni – Co-ordinate Geometry
• Hall & Knight – Higher Algebra
• I.A. Maron – Problems in Calculus of One Variable
• Vectors & 3-D Geometry–  Arihant Prakashan
• Vectors Shanti Narayan
• V Govorov, P.Dybov, N.Miroshin, S.Smirnova.–  Problems in Mathematics
• Bernard & Child – Higher Algebra
• Dr. Gorakh Prasad– Co-ordinate Geometry
• K.P. Basu – Algebra Made Easy
• DoroFeev, Patapov – Elementary Math’s
• Krechmar Math’s
• G.N. Berman – A Problem Book in Mathematical Analysis
• W. Feller – Intro. to Probability & its Applications
• Calculus J. Edward



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17 Responses to “Recommended Books For AIEEE 2009 Entrance Exam”

  1. 17
    Arya deo mehta:

    will one can get a seet in NIT with just one month but extreame preapreation. I am nt laying stres in problems rather i am clarifying fundamentals. Wil i would be sucessful? Pls answer

  2. 16
    sumit basu:

    For AIEEE B.ARCH/B.PLANNING Entrance exam what book is suggested for study covering appitude test and drawing test.

  3. 15
    Dhimant Rajput:

    i have only one chance left for IIT means it is my last atempt so which chapters in my syllabus are advisable to prepare to get a rank under 500 since my coaching teacher has only prepared me hardly 10 to 15 percent of syllabus and is also very lazy to explain me all topics so in general i myself only is preparing for iit and aieee

  4. 14

    What are the good books for math AIEEE?

  5. 13
    shriyam singh:

    which book should i reffer to to prepare for b/arch entrance test? all for maths , aptitude test and drawing.

  6. 12

    can only a year is enough to prepare for the iit? & how many hours should given for each subject

  7. 11

    I NEED NAME OF THE books for prepare AIEEE

  8. 10

    i am looking for appropriate books for preparation of b.arch aieee.

    Please recommend some books to prepare for aieee architecture aptitude test, drawing & maths part I.

    i have got a book by arihant in maths for iit-jee preparation. is it different from the one required for aieee?

    please reply soon. thank you.

  9. 9

    Please recommend some books to prepare for aieee architecture aptitude test, drawing & maths part I.

    Is it optional to give the Ist aieee exam if we wish to apply for BArch courses???

  10. 8

    Where do I find these books mentioned above for AIEEE examination?

  11. 7

    books for aptitude test in aieee

  12. 6

    are ncert books sufficient for cracking ncert?

  13. 5

    how will i prepare for AIEEE(aptitude test/architecture)?
    which books should i prefer for the preparation for that?

  14. 4

    which are the most important books for aieee

  15. 3

    which book to be referred for aptitude test n drawing test for b.arch. test

  16. 2
    naleep kumar gupta:

    i have not lock the choice sheet in aieee. does i get another chance to get admission by aieee

  17. 1
    K Balaji:

    Where do I find these books mentioned above for AIEEE examination?