Alumnus Placement Papers


Alumnus Software Company is a global IT service provider and the company also builds products for its clients. The company works according to the products which the clients require and it utilizes its expertise in Technical fields and the skills in Engineering to deliver quality services. The Offshore Delivery Model of Alumnus Software is designed to be low risk and it provides nice cost solutions. Time along with cost predictability is also an important thing in this model of the company.

The company recruits engineers from the engineering colleges throughout the length and breadth of the country. The selection process of the company involves two stages. The first stage is a written test followed by an interview. The written test consists of questions from C, C++, and Java. There are questions in which correcting the wrong program or writing a program itself is involved. There are questions also on Aptitude. Probability is one important thing for the aptitude test. Questions are from senior secondary mathematics. Questions are also from networking. The questions are based on the different protocols and the models. The candidates who clear the written test are called for the interview. The interview is generally an HR one.




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2 Responses to “Alumnus Placement Papers”

  1. 2
    raja saha:

    i have cleared the 1st round……
    i am promoted to the next round….
    so,i just wanted to know the programs they asked frequently…please reply fast…..

  2. 1
    Atul Agnihotri:

    I have cleared two rounds of alumnus software 1st was aptitude just like the papers posted in the above links , 2nd was programming ,they will give a scenario and some part of the code and they will want you to complete the rest of the code based on the criteria of that question like
    an array of n elements (unsorted) write a function to return
    the second highest value in array since n could be very large or very small so dont go for sorting if any second highest exist then return that number else return -1 , they will give you the prototype of function you will have to write the code in it.
    Since i have cleared this round I am promoted for the final round . where they have said that there will be 10-12 technical topics in which we have to select one and give a white board presentation to the director or HR. I just wanted to know that what could be the topics?? Please reply fast……..