Annamalai University B.Sc Fashion Design (First Year): Management Skills Papers


Annamalai University is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, which is known for its rich cultural heritage. The University offers a three year degree course in Fashion Design (B.Sc). The course is gaining popularity day by day among the students because of the lucrative career prospects of the field. In the first year of the course there is a paper on Management Skills. This paper aims at providing the students with the basics of management. The pattern of the paper is described below.

The paper is of duration of three hours and the maximum marks are 60. The paper is sub-divided into four sections. The first section consists of short answer type questions. Each question is of 2 marks. The questions are five in number and usually they are of “define the following” types.

The second section consists of six questions out of which any four are to be answered. The marks carried by each question are five. So the sub total of this section is 20 marks.

The third section consists of long answer type questions. There are three questions out of which one si to be answered. This question carries 10 marks.

The last section consists of very long answer type questions. There are three questions and only one is to be answered. This question carries 20 marks.




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