Fee structure of M.Sc. Food technology and Management


Food technology and management is a special kind of course that deals with the processes related to the food products. Basically the objective of this course is to teach the students the methods and ways in which the food can be made to preserve. The course includes methods and ways of treating the food with various preservatives that makes the food stay for long. M.Sc in Food technology and management also includes the method of the packaging of the food along with its processing.

With gradual development in the food processing unit, and with the rise in the number of packaged food products, the demand of this course has also gone high. Seeing this high demand, many colleges are providing the course to the aspiring candi9dates. The scope of the course is the main reason that students re after this course. Both government as well as private institutions are providing this course and are taking special care of the quality of the course.

The fee structure of this course generally ranges from 6000-9000 per year to 30000 per year. The fees differ from college to college. Every college has a different fees slab for this course. The renowned and famous colleges that provides this course are Amity University, BFIT, Tezpur University, Pondicherry University, and many more. All these colleges are amongst the few of the top shots that provides this course with utmost quality and with required approach.

The fee structure is high for all the private institutes without any special relaxation and concession. Rarely any private institute provides the needy candidates with any sort of scholarships. However, the government colleges have some norms of fees relaxation for the poor, backward and lower caste students. The government also offers scholarship to the candidates who qualify the test or the bench mark that the government sets.



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