Application of Petroleum Geosciences


The world consumes about 80 million barrels of oil every day and it amounts to a large quantity of hydrocarbon in a year. The demand for hydrocarbon is ever increasing. As the demand increases the source of supply should also get increased by default. This leads to the daunting job of inventing huge oil fields across the globe. We can easily accomplish this task with the aid of petroleum geosciences. Petroleum geosciences make use of scientific methods to invent oil and gas reserves.

Role of a Petroleum Geoscientist

The best possible data can be acquired by imaging the subsurface by conducting geochemical, magnetic or gravity surveys. This also includes the field work that is done to examine the rocks. The petroleum geoscientists produce 3D subsurface models from the geological information using the latest software. Thus they found out the optimum location to drill the well. Future oil reserves can be found in high cost environments that requires the most modern technology to explore.

In order to locate the hydrocarbons on the subsurface, an integrated team is required which is capable of modeling the distribution of reservoirs as well as source rocks. Thus they can trap the oil in a better and efficient way. It is one of the high cost game that involves about 100 million dollars.

Demand for Petroleum Geoscientists

Geoscientists are usually employed in reducing the risk by studying the details of the rocks as well as the fluids that forms a part of the subsurface. This can only be achieved with the help of a talented geoscientist. Thus geoscientists have high demand in oil companies. When the task of exploration gets harder, the need for the Petroleum geoscientists also increases. The largest companies in the world such as ExxonMobil, Shvon Texaco, ENI etc recruits geoscientists internationally. Apart from these companies there are certain number of small, medium and large oil companies and consultancy services that employ geoscientists.

Employment Outlook

The employment opportunity for a geoscientist is very broad and is expected to have a growth of 22 percent between 2006 an 2016. The rate of growth is much greater than in any other occupation. The higher demand of this job is due to the decreasing availability of the available resources. Candidates those who hold a master’s degree in the field of petroleum geosciences have higher employment opportunities. The government employs about 18 percent of the geoscientists and this percentage will get increased in the coming few years.



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    I would like to inform you that I am interested to continue my education at your university in the field of Petroleum Geosciences.
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    respected sir /madam,
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    Currently I am pursuing M.Sc. in petroleum geosciences from Banaras Hindu University.please suggest me about best institute for research in this field in gulf country.

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    In south india where is loacation petrolium university and what is the requirement for admission.

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    If I want to be PETROLUM GEOSIENCE,Needless I Graduate as chemist(BSC in chemistry from Basra University),what need for that graduation,please