Applications of B. Pharm in Production


The courses of pharmaceuticals in the present day are offering various opportunities in different fields. The course has also been introduced in the production line. Therefore gradually like the other courses, it has also achieved a significant influence. The course in the bachelor level is creating stirs by placing its candidates in various pharmaceuticals based production houses.

The pharmaceuticals based production houses involve in the production of various medicines that are manufactured in ayurvedic as well as artificial manner. These houses are nowadays requiring the skill full knowledge of the aspirants to provide better service to the individual customers. Further more, there are also other aspects that need to be looked at. For instance, the company of Ranbaxy recruit about a thousand of candidates from this course and according to the recent census, 50% of them straightaway go to the production houses.

These recent trends are however driven by the profit incentives of the various companies that are exploring the new horizons of production in the pharmaceutical field. The course is basically related to the research oriented works and therefore cannot be claimed as a core based production oriented course.

Thus, looking at these aspects, we see the dual nature of the pharmacy course. Though the master level course has still not explored the production sides, as they are more into the research field, still the bachelor level course is making a league for itself and ideally influencing the present arena as well as its various prospects.



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    m tejender pursuing B.P.harmacy from H.P. University.tell me how to get more exposure about this field.i want to be sucessful.tell me what to do ????

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    how can we see the result of the exam held on 25 october