Bachelor in Physical Education, Physical Education Bachelor


Today in the era of modern world every one wants to be physically fit and mentally healthy and hence there is rising demand of bachelors in physical education. Now in every sphere of society there is always an urge to be physically stronger and fitter from the rest of the people since all the jobs nowadays requires for applicants fitness and mental strength.

Eligibility criteria

Both men and women can apply for degree in physical education (B.P.Ed). However, married women are not eligible for admission. The aspirants applying for the bachelor of physical education must have represented the school or college or district or university or state in any one of the games or athletics  (as included in the interuniversity competition and must have secured at least 50% mark in selection test as given below:-
• Qualifying marks scored in U.G - 25 marks
• Games and sports participation - 20 marks
• Game skills tests-50 marks
• Track and field (long jump, 100 meters, short put)-50 marks
• Bonus mark for professional basic degree in physical education- 5 marks.
• Moreover, the candidate should be medically fit and free from any deformity.

Course outlook

The duration of the course study is one academic year with two semesters. The course of study will be consisting of three parts- part I, part II, part III. Part I will be containing a theory paper. Part II will consists of practice teaching and part III will consists of practical work.

Job prospects

The candidates after their successful completion of the course can find themselves in various places as a yoga teacher, gym instructor or sports instructor etc.

Best place to pursue

• AMU University, Aligarh



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