Bangalore University, Bengaluru


Bangalore University, Bengaluru is made up in a city which is known as land of IT education. There are many types of courses offered here like under graduate and post graduate courses. Apart from these there are correspondence courses available in Bangalore University, Bengaluru as well. Bangalore University, Bengaluru is made up of various faculties like arts, science, commerce, education, law and engineering. This university has provided many facilities to the students who reside here. These facilities include libraries, stadiums, cultural council, hostels, NCC, Sports Council, NSS Bhawan etc. In addition to all this, other main attractions of this university includes the number of courses offered here.

Bangalore University, Bengaluru enjoys the constituency of three colleges and has got 473 colleges affiliated to it. When one talks about the correspondence courses offered in this university then a candidate can actually opt for under graduate, post graduate, diploma and certificate courses through correspondence. The variety of courses offered through correspondence ensures that a good coverage of fields is done so that the candidates who cannot attend regular college can also have an array of subjects to choose from. There are additional amenities provided to students here like internet access, health care, computer center, USIC, University Press, Cafeteria and Shopping Complex, Post Office, Railway Service, Transport Service, BU Guest House for visitors and Gandhian Bhavan.

With so many courses and amenities, this university tries to provide everything to the candidates who study here to enjoy and cherish there stay here. Bangalore University, Bengaluru thinks beyond education. This university aims at over all development of the students who come to stay here and study in order to build their career. The faculty chosen for this university is well acclaimed and this is because the university aims at providing good education to all its students.



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    wnt 2 do pg diploma in taxation…need details..plz help me out…thanku

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    give details of subramanya college of education banglore

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    date of vtu exam in july 2011

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    i request you that a course masters in geography or masters in history (coresspondence) send on this mail address([email protected])

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    Please provide the contact details or communication details for Bangalore University, Bengaluru.