BBA (Accounting and Finance) and B.Com (Accounting and Finance) - Which course is better?


Accounting deals with recording and book keeping of information on all financial dealings of a unit. It also comprises of the design and execution of accounting controls to reduce faults, maintain assets, and avoid scam. Finance comes under the function of managing the economic processes of an entity, involving finding conclusions, assessing of properties, investing money, organizing financial funds, gathering money, and so on. BBA (Accounting and Finance) and B.Com (Accounting and Finance) are 2 primary courses which on different basis deals with accounting and finance.

BBA (Accounting and Finance)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting and Finance is a three year professional degree course which focuses on imparting management education and instill entrepreneurship proficiency in a learner. In the course, concepts like financial law, essentials of human resource administration, organization information systems, and basics of marketing are trained. In addition to the theory classes, there will also be practical modules of case studies, presentations and summer placements, industry visits, and so on. BBA course helps in building up students’ intellectual and managerial abilities and also aids in developing leadership qualities.

B.Com (Accounting and Finance)

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is a fundamental branch of study which deals with the conceptions of accountancy, business organization, finance, economics, business statistics, industrial policies, and so on.  This 3 year degree course enables the aspirants to opt various commerce, business, banking, trade and accounts related professions. In these employment areas, one can have job prospects of accounts assistant / business analyst / corporate analyst / marketing manager / personal finance consultant / financial analyst / operations manager / auditor.

Key Difference between BBA (Accounting and Finance) and B.Com (Accounting and Finance)

  • BBA educates the aspirants with the fundamentals of business management mainly in the aspects of scheduling, acquiring, promoting, advertising, manufacturing and investing. On the other hand, B.Com teaches the candidates on topics regarding statistics, economics, accountancy, marketing, finance, and so on.
  • BBA in Accounting and Finance is a professional course while in Accounting and Finance is a general course.

Although the employment areas of both BBA (Accounting and Finance) and B.Com (Accounting and Finance) are the same, the job profiles and pay offered will vary.

Which course is better?

BBA and B.Com in Accounting and Finance are both undergraduate programmes and have the same course duration of 3 years. The candidates need to choose the course according to one’s interest. If one is looking for a career in accounts, then would be the best choice. But if ones targets to get an MBA admission, then BBA course would do better.



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    shubham kumar:

    which one is best mba with finance or mba with marketing if we are doing graduation in BBA and which one has wider scope

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    Which is best marketing mba or finance mba

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    Naveen kumar:

    sir,why is the best choice then the BBA