Why BBA is losing grounds to MBA in modern times?


The BBA is a bachelor level course in the business administration course as MBA is a master level course in the same. However, the eligibility criteria as well as the admission procedure of both the types of course are completely different. The BBA course is more inclined to the development of the individual candidates in administration of the business but the MBA demand is a little different. The course is developed to the managerial aspects of the business administration. Thus, the over all applications of the course is changed.

The modern times demand more managerial aspects of the business rather then its true application in the administration of the business. There are various IT based companies that look out for the candidates who are freshly baked out of a B-School as they have the most amount of enthusiasm to take over the job. The bachelor level candidate is left. There fore in a way the candidate of MBA is more preferred as compared to the BBA candidates if we go according to the latest trends.

However, still there are certain aspects which only the course of BBA can provide. Such as for complete knowledge of the finance accounting, any candidate has to a complete skilled knowledge of the accounting, which is heavily lacked in the course of MBA. Though it is a very true fact that BBA course is losing grounds a compared to the MBA, still the candidates are going towards the course of the bachelor level.



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8 Responses to “Why BBA is losing grounds to MBA in modern times?”

  1. 8

    Bba ke bad govt sector me job? Nd salary kitni hoti h?
    N xam kb hote h kis naam se?
    Without MBA scope kya h iska?

  2. 7
    S Srinivasan:

    Which course is better or related - B.Com., with ACS or BBA with ACS

  3. 6

    which course is better b.com computers or b.com honors or bba…I have interest in no course just
    want to do course which is easy nd
    provides me higher income nd job
    opportunities.i want to go for course which can fetch me direct high income job.mention minimum salary for all the 3 courses?

  4. 5
    Saif shahab:

    After completing BBA i will not be getting any other option except MBA. Is it so ?

  5. 4

    i am eligible to m.com after complteing my BBA.

  6. 3
    Ramya Richi:

    I wanted to know what would be the best graduation option(I mean BCom/BBA/Bsc) for a student after completing 12th std. in science if she wants to do MBA after that?

  7. 2

    i would like to know whether a student who has done a BBM course from bharathiar university school of distant education is eligible to do an MBA from a premier institution

  8. 1

    hai i have completed my 12 and i want to do bba in UG.i wanted to know whether it has a good value