IGNOU MBA Accounting and Finance for Managers Papers


The MBA Account and Finance for Managers offered by IGNOU contains all the elements of the prevalent financial market. In order to successfully clear the paper it is very important to take a daily note of the financial market. The exam is held at the end of the term. There a total of eight questions asked in the exam. A candidate is expected to answer any five from them. Each question carries 20 marks.

Some questions are further divided into A and B. They need to be answered separately. A candidate can expect questions like discussing accounts as a service option. In one of the questions, the student will be provided with a balance sheet. He or she is expected to read and analyse the balance sheet and answers the questions following the same.

A candidate is expected to choose from a total of four alternatives provided to answer the questions. The nature of other questions includes answering short notes, defining concepts and features. It is a relatively simple paper for those students having an adequate knowledge of the financial market. The reference material provided by IGNOU will also come in handy as far as concepts and features are concerned.

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    Mohame Shakeel:

    Respected Sir,
    I need Help - I am Graduate(B.Com) since 1980 to 1984 Bach in Magadh University Bodh Gaya (Bihar) but unfortunately my education drop some financial reason, Now I am Interested for MBA in Finance - give me advise according this subject . ( My date of Birth 1/10/1965.)
    Just I am Working As Purchase Manager since 15 years.
    Your support and cooperation is highly appreciated.
    Thanks and regards.
    Mohammed Shakeel

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    ABC Corporation has a capital structure of 40% debt and 60% equity. The company is presently considering alternative investment proposals costing less than 20 lakhs. The corporation always raises the required funds without disturbing the present debt-equity ratio:
    The cost of raising the debt and equity are as under :

    Project cost cost of debt cost of equity
    Up to 2 lakhs 10% 12%
    Above 2 lakhs up to 5 lakhs 11% 13%
    Above 5 lakhs up to 10 lakhs 12% 14%
    Above 10 lakhs up to 20 lakhs 13% 14.5%

    Assuming the tax rate at 50% calculate :

    (a) cost of capital or two projects X and Y whose fund requirements are 6.5 lakhs and 14 lakhs respectively
    (b) if a project is expected to give an after return of 10% determine under what conditions would it be acceptable?

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    kaushal bhavsar:

    i want to know about the issue and submission of form last date for mba study programme of ignou university.(account & finance)

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    yogendra vishwakarma:

    sir, i m a defence soldier doing mba finance from ignou. what is future aspect of the same after 5 years when i will leave the service what type of job can i aspects in civil?? plz guide me..

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    pls i want solved question papers for course ms3,ms4,ms5,ms7,ms8pls send as soon as possilble

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    Financial system is a barometer of business conditions” -Discuss ?