BCA- a copy of CSC B.Tech


There are times when BCA candidates are compared with those students of B.Tech who have done their studies in either Information Technology or computer technology.  These students have many other options to choose from when compared with their B.Tech counterparts. In fact, conditions of students of BCA are much better when we compare them to students of B.Tech.

Main Similarity between BCA and B.Tech CSC

The basic similarities between these two are the computer languages in addition to its other applications in a range of aspects. When we look into the bigger picture we can see that BCA is related directly to languages of computer applications as well as the development of the same in circumstances that which it is required. Nevertheless, the Computer Science B.Tech course is a tad different from that of the BCA program. They pertain to application, development as well as testing part.  In fact, in its own way, B.Tech is more of a core related course when compared to this subject, but we can say with certainty that there is no way that the B.Tech course is better than the BCA one.

Basic Advantages of BCA over B.Tech CSC

Advantages are numerous when we compare the BCA course against the B.Tech one. They encompass:

  • The syllabuses of both these courses are very much similar in some aspects. But students of B.Tech computer science have more understanding about the Computer whereas, students of BCA have more knowledge about the programming of the computer and its application.
  • The BCA course has the time period of 3 years while the B.Tech has the duration of 4 years. In the end, students of BCA will have more practical experience when compared to students of B.Tech. This will provide to be a boon for them in the long run.
  • As the IT sector is looking for individuals with more knowledge of computer languages and its many aspects, students of BCA again have their own advantage here.
  • Students of BCA will get the opportunity to get more foreign jobs when compared to their B.Tech counterparts. Prestigious global firms such as Global Microsoft take in students of computer science for the requirements of their firm.


One can say that this comparison between BCA and B.Tech will never die out. The courses have their own good and bad points. When a person takes in either of these two courses, it will be very much depended on their individual skills as well as personal experience in the related field on how much success they will have in their respective futures. One must try to understand the complexity, simplicity and its authenticity of these courses as well.



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    after btech-csc how many kinds of jobs and how much salary near about a company give after graduation?

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    manish kumar:

    i am doing intermidiate from commarce . i want to be a software ingineer after inter so plz guide me what i do after inter

  3. 6
    Arif ali:

    Which course is better bsc(cs ) or bsc(pcm) or bca and easier. if i have quit doing b.tech 1st year after 12th. due to more practicals.

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    hai i want to knw abt mca salary

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    i am passed +2 in 2011 with 88% marks can i apply for bca now. i still not apply for entrance test. what is the last date of applying for entrance test of bca from du

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    I am doing BCA. It will complete in feb2012. What should I do after BCA. I want to do M.Tech can I do plz guide me. contact me 08877179908 or mail me at [email protected]

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    I want to do B.Tech. after completing BCA in 2010.Pls guide me. thanks

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    shruti k:

    I’m a student of MCA under VTU. I want to learn a foreign language as well. so which foreign language should I prefer and why?