Face of Battle between BCA and B.Tech


Both the streams help the candidates to specialize in the field of Information Technology. Both these course provide the candidates with the technical know how in the field of Computers.

Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA)

The duration of the course in institutions across the country is three years. It deals with Planning of both the software designs and also the data base management. It also gives an insight on how to manipulate the data of the computer. This is considered to be a stepping stone for those who wish to go in for Masters in Computer Application course i.e. MCA. The BCA course creates a foundation for those interested in this field. The course will give training in areas like

  • Languages – C, C++, Unix, JAVA etc
  • Database Management
  • Mathematics
  • Introduction to Microprocessor
  • Management Information System
  • Computer System Architecture
  • Operating System
  • Computer Graphics etc

Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech)

The B.Tech course is quite popular amongst youngsters who consider it one of the best courses for a bright future. It is a four year curriculum course. There are various specializations in this stream. In the field of IT there is CSE(Computer science engineering) and IT(information technology).

Other than this there are other specializations in this field too like

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Architecture Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biotechnology Engineering
  • Broadcast Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Communication Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Fire Engineering
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Industrial & Production Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Material Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Textile Industry

One on one [BCA Vs (CSE OR IT) Engineering]

The B.Tech gives more indepth training in this field than a BCA course. Candidates pursuing BCA will need to complete MCA. The in the corporate world MCA is treated more or less equivalent to the B.Tech course. So, candidates pursuing BCA will need to spend 5 years on education; however B.Tech candidates need only 4 years. So an extra year of studies for those pursuing BCA. Both in terms of salary and career growth engineers reach heights faster than the BCA. Hence if given an option candidates should choose B.Tech over BCA.



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8 Responses to “Face of Battle between BCA and B.Tech”

  1. 8

    MCA students are far better than B.Tech. During academics an MCA student get 6 years of programming experience. It requires at least 3 dedicated months to learn a programming language and B.tech students don’t have enough time to learn a programming language properly. So B.tech students are comparatively less skilled than MCA in programming.

  2. 7

    BCA also got equally indepth training. Do not assume things.

    I compared the syllabus of BCA,B.e(cs),MCA.

    i compared exam pattern, projects.

    Everything is same. There are many BCA graduates in Software Devolopment field who are equally performing well compared to B.E(CS),MCA.

    It is just myth B.E(CS),MCA are better.

  3. 6

    frd i know what u say in your line but if u are doing bca then you have a most tec. knowledge .I suggest to all if you want to save money and be a soft. eng. then do BCA+’A’ .Here A level is DOEACC deploma then its equivalent to b.tec. and saved money sal approx is 25-27 k if u do mca with top university then its raise with 45-55k.

  4. 5

    can a b.tech gratuate student teaches in an engineering college

  5. 4
    naginder gupta:

    i am so confuse which stream iis the best B-tec in csc or BCA

  6. 3

    what is the salary difference between bca and btech and what must be percentage to get good jobs in bca

  7. 2

    Not much sure, but this article is not very good and accurate. Its not true that B.tech gets over BCA, coz both are a bit different, and so their jobs are also different, so I think this statement:
    “Both in terms of salary and career growth engineers reach heights faster than the BCA.”
    is wrong.

    PS: Both are engineers, but of different streams!

  8. 1

    actually i have done class 10 85% and 12 80% but after that i have a gap of two years so please help weathr to do btech or bca.annd i bca +mba what scope