BCA course for foreign candidates in India


The BCA course for the foreign countries offers limited opportunities to these candidates. In India where the competition to gain a suitable career is so high, amongst that environment, it is not possible for them to bloom. The IT sector of India too offers limited free aspects that could had offered better situation helping the candidates of the foreign countries in the positive direction.

Options for these candidates:

The foreign candidates are those that have attained their visa from there mother country and have come to India to earn there degree of BCA. The numbers of Institutes that offer this course to the foreign candidates are limited too. Further more the Institutes that do offer them does not promise the kind of firm base one need to excel in there career. Thus any foreign candidates that do want to pursue the course o BCA in India has to make pretty tough searches.

Eligibility Criteria and admission procedure:

Basically the eligibility criterion for the foreign candidates remains the same as for the Indian candidates. Only certain issues like visa as well as pass port are given more importance as these are the maters of national security. Thus these candidates are not given preference because of there nationality. As well as the eligibility, the admission procedure also remains the same for these kinds of foreign candidates.

Institutes offering BCA to the foreign candidates:

• Osmania University
• Netaji Subash Institute of technology
• Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
• Vellore Institute of Technology
• Periyar University



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    plz send mee bca 2nd sam course..plz plz pzl send me..


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    since i am doing mca(5th) from ignou,for my busy scdule iam wnot able to attended my class ,plz suggest any solution