Bench Technician – How to become a Bench Technician?


Most of the organizations use electronic equipments for various purposes. Bench technicians are the trained professionals who fix different electronic components. They will work from their own office or the company where they are employed. They will provide online computer support or telephone guidance to their customers in the case of small repairs. They will do major repairs like repairing malfunctioning transistors, blown fuses and soldered joints. They will use different tools for repairing like multi meters, signal generators, oscilloscopes and hand tools. They are also responsible for performing quality test for checking defective parts or loose connections. These technicians usually work in the repair shops located in the service centers, factories or stores.

Qualifying Exam

Candidates who aspire to become Bench Technician should have Bachelor’s degree in electronics or related fields. They can also do diploma in this field to practice as a Bench Technician in any firm. There are many short term courses available in the fields related to Electronics. Candidates who have completed any of this short term courses like certification courses can also practice as a Bench Technician.

Who are eligible to apply?

Candidates who have passed plus two in science stream can apply for bachelor’s degree course in electronics or any other related field. Such candidates can also apply for the diploma courses in the fields related to electronics. They may be entrance tests for admitting candidates to these degree or diploma courses. Candidates who aspire to join these courses should qualify the concerned entrance test. Candidates can join to any certification courses after passing plus two. They can also do these certification courses after passing degree or diploma courses.

Key elements in the process

  • Pass plus two in science stream
  • Obtain Bachelor’s degree in electronics or any other related field
  • Obtain Diploma in electronics or any other related field (optional)
  • Do any certification course
  • Apply for the job

Skills required for a Bench Technician

Bench technicians should be well aware of latest technologies available in the concerned field. They should possess good oral and written communication skills as they are giving technical advice through online and telephone. They should be able to handle the various tools needed for repairing.



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