Difference between a Technician and a Technologist


Even though the terms Technician and a Technologist looks much similar there exist certain differences between the two. A technician is one who has practical exposure in a particular area of art, science or technology. Technologist on the other hand will be aware of the diverse aspects of the field where he is involved with. Technicians are those who work under the guidance of technologist. Technician achieves his aspirations through technologist. The basic differences between these related professions are mentioned here.

Technician Courses and Job Opportunities

As technician deals with the practical aspects, they require only basic subject knowledge and much practical know how to work with. So a short term diploma or certificate course in a specific technology is enough for an individual to get employed as technician. Technician can find enormous job openings with organizations implementing various aspects of technology. Technicians are required in almost all industrial sectors.

Technologist Courses and Job Opportunities

Usually a four year bachelor degree such as engineering degree is required for an individual to be successful as as Technologist. He must possess deep knowledge on different facets of technology he is involved with. These professionals can find a lot of job opportunities in this technology driven world. Technical sector is in great need of skilled professionals with innovative ideas and better analytical skills.

Key differences between a Technician and a Technologist

  • Educational qualification and job responsibilities of these professionals are much different. Technologist is much more qualified than a technician.
  • Technologist handles much more responsible jobs than a technician
  • Technician will have practical exposure to a particular technology where as technologist will have in depth knowledge of diverse technologies.
  • Technologist has much innovative ideas and he achieves these ideas in to reality through technicians.
  • Technologist are involved with intellectual work where as technician is exposed to practical application of job prospects.
  • Career prospects and remuneration packages of Technologist are much higher for technologist when compared to a technician.

Anyway, in order to implement a new idea, technologist needs the help of technicians. Similarly technicians need the guidance of technologist to work. So both these profiles can be considered as two sides of the same coin.



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