Benefits of TCS Ignite course


TCS Ignite course hones the technical and soft skills of fresh science graduates who aspire to become an IT professional. It also enables the aspirants to cope up with the corporate culture prevailing in the IT industry. This course is beneficial to all aspirants as they can get technical, soft skill and customer-handling training together.

Professional Benefits from TCS Ignite Course

TCS Ignite course is based on three types of learning that is Technical Learning, Professional Transformation and Customer-centric Learning. Benefits of these three types of learning are given below.

Technical Learning - Technical Learning includes the study of how to develop a software product using the latest technologies. Preparing a program program code is the primary stage of building up a software product. Therefore programming skills are a must. During technical learning, one can get an opportunity to learn programming languages like Java and J2EE. It will enhance their programming skills so that they can pursue a successful career as software engineers.

Database Management is the other section included in the technical learning. A program code can function as an application only with the help of a database. It will remain as a mere program code without a database. A Software Engineer must have the ability to link the program code with the database and manage it according to the functionalities specified for the product. This section of database management is very useful for the candidates who aspire to become an IT professional as they can understand the basics of database management. Another section included in Technical Learning is the Android Training. This training will enable the candidates to acquire enough skills to deal with the latest technologies used in mobile applications. On the whole, this technical learning can provide training to the candidates in latest technologies used in software development. This course provides an exciting opportunity to sharpen the technical skills for pursuing the profession of a software engineer.

Professional Transformation - This training module imparts certain corporate traits needed for an IT professional. Soft skills like communication skills, positive work ethics, team management, proactive attitude and socializing skills can be horned through this section. Also, the candidates can understand certain business skills required in the corporate sector. This type of learning can transform the candidate from an academic frame of mind to a corporate frame of mind. These skills are very much needed to pursue a long term career as IT professional.

Customer-centric Learning - In this section, the fresh graduates can learn about the customer domain and requirements. They will get awareness about the technology skills that are preferred by the customers. By the time they finish this type of learning, they will get the ability to handle the customers of the organization. Customer-handling skills are a must for an IT professional to find a long term career in the IT industry.

Economic Benefits of TCS Ignite Course

There are courses which can impart either technical skills, soft skills or customer handling skills. As these are all specific courses, the candidates need to spend their money on each of these courses separately to acquire the relevant skills. By pursuing TCS Ignite course, one can get all types of training required for an IT professional under one roof and as one course. There is no separate fee for each type of learning. Thus it is economically beneficial to the candidates.



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    Arijita Rudra:

    Sir I am from 2013 batch. I have received a call from TCS ignite. The caller told me that I am selected. But till now I have not received any offer letter. Can you tell me that when I will get my offer letter? and the all results are announced or not?

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    Hello sir..
    All results of tcs ignite 2012 are announced or not..

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    this is a good information

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    When tcs ignite 2012 interview results will be announced

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    When tcs ignite 2012 results will be announced

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    what is the salary?
    will they provide experience certificate along with mca degree?