Top Cloud Computing Service Providers in India


Cloud Computing indicates usage of multiple server computers through a digital network as if they were a single computer. Conventionally, without a cloud, web server runs as an individual computer or a collection of several privately owned computers. A cloud user needs a client device like desktop computer, laptop computer, smart phone, pad computer or any other computing devices with a web browser to access the cloud system through the internet.

In general terms, cloud computing indicates anything that involves delivery of hosted services over the World Wide Web. These services are classified into three categories namely Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. This term was given to the technology since cloud symbol is often used for representing the internet in diagrams and flowcharts.

Distinct Characteristics of Cloud Computing Service:

A cloud computer service has some characteristics that differentiate it from the conventional method of hosting and they are:

Improved access to high-speed internet

Significant innovations in distributed computing and virtualization

The service is wholly managed by the service provider and the customer need not have anything other than a personal computer with access to the internet

The user has the liberty to use more or little of the service according to his/her requirements

This most useful service of Cloud computing is offered by many companies and the names of some of the top cloud computing service providers are given below:

Top six Cloud Computing Companies:

Zenith InfoTech

Wolf Frameworks



Cynapse India

Wipro Technologies

Some of the details regarding these top cloud computing service providers in India are given below:

Zenith InfoTech:

Zenith InfoTech is operating from the city of Mumbai and their cloud offering is PROUD and the type of service offered by them is IaaS. This is one of the developing company in the IT product development and innovation sector and it is considered as one of the ambitious Research & Development efforts in the field of Information Technology.

Wolf Frameworks:

Wolf Frameworks came into existence in the year 2006 and this company is based in Bangalore. They are offering PaaS type of cloud computing technique and their cloud offering is Wolf PaaS. They offer cloud computing service at an affordable cost with more than 99% service level assurance.


OrangeScape is based in Chennai and they are offering PaaS service. This company is regarded as the comprehensive PaaS mainly because of their experience in building business applications of different complexities. The customers of this company are offered with the facility of transforming their idea into a SaaS application and they can showcase them to potential customers, partners and investors.


As most of us know, TCS is a top company in the IT sector in India and the cloud computing service offered by them is called as ITaaS, following IaaS+SaaS type of clouding. TCS is offering ITaaS service to five different sectors namely professional services, education, healthcare, retail and manufacturing sector.

Cynapse India:

Cynapse is operating from the city of Mumbai and the service offered by them is called as They are following cloud type of IaaS plus on demand SaaS. With the help of their services, customers can get dedicated virtual server that is updated and maintained by Cynapse and hosted by Amazon.

Wipro Technologies:

Wipro Technologies is also a big name in the IT and ITES fields in India. They are offering Wipro w-SaaS service by using oracle as the deployment platform for the application. They are making use of some of the open standards and commonly accepted trends in software engineering.

Apart from these companies, there are also other players like Netmagic Solutions, Reliance Data Centre and Infosys Technologies in the cloud computing service industry.



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