Merits of Public Sector Jobs over Private Sector


Individuals searching for jobs have several reasons to opt for Public Sector firms rather than Private Sector ones. Job security and the stable pay structure are the important factors that attract youngsters to the Government sector jobs. Flexible working hours and promotion benefits are other factors considered by the job seekers to choose a job in Public sector.

Job Security

The most commonly said advantage of a Public sector career is the assurance of job security. As compared to the Private sector, there won’t be much layoff in the Public sector due to the influence of happenings in the economy. At the time of recession, there are huge knock downs in the Private sector. But there are not many issues with the Public sector at that time. The job positions remain intact in most of the cases.

Pay Structure

The payment offered in the Government sector is yet another merit to be noticed. With the introduction of the 6th pay commission, the pay structure is comparatively good as with the other sectors. It is one of the attractive factors for individuals who are in search of a job. There’s nothing to complain about the pay structure offered in this sector with respect to any grounds.

Flexible Working Hours

The number of working hours one has to spend is the other factor to be pointed out as an advantage of Public sector jobs. The working hours will be comparatively less while considering the same of Private sector. There will be preset standard working hours in the Public sector.  In most of the firms in the Public sector there won’t be any night shifts as well. In Private sector there will be situations where people have to do over time work also.


In Government service the promotion is strictly based on the period of service. The employees can be assured of a promotion at the specific point of time. The opportunities will be higher based on ones tenure in the company. They can enjoy various promotional benefits as well.

Benefits & Perks

There are various benefits being enjoyed by employees in the Government sector which include:

  • Retirement benefits
  • Pension plans
  • Housing
  • Loans
  • Funds
  • Medical
  • Childcare

There are certain benefits and perks in the Private sector as well but in most of the firms the same is offered only to those who have been with the company for longer period. However no pension plans are available in any Private sector. The age of retirement will be 58 or 60 which varies with the firms but in the Private sector there is no retirement age.

Work Stress

Unlike Private sector the work load will be lesser in Public sector jobs. If there is work load then they will get sufficient time frame to cover it up. So the employees can maintain a pleasing atmosphere and they can do their work peacefully without much external pressure.

Other than the above mentioned areas the reputation of working in a Public sector undertaking is one of the most attractive factors for choosing this sector by the upcoming aspirants.



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2 Responses to “Merits of Public Sector Jobs over Private Sector”

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    pvt sector jobs sucks but no other options left

  2. 1
    kislay kishore:

    In the department of railway CMS and other senior doctors are forcing junior doctors to work 24 hours including night duties. Without getting sufficient staff CMS made a railway hospital functioning for his personal credit and getting a Promotion as CMD. He is making junior life miserable to make his track record impressive without fighting for sanction of sufficient number of doctors required.

    I have seen most of railway opd or hospitals are having very less number of doctors and it is making doctors lifef miserable. There is no monitoring of their over exhausting time schedule. On what basis your portal claims that government or public sector jobs are better. Doctors who works in private sector hospital are sticking to their time schedule maximum of 8 hours and getting very good remunaration comparatively with all facilities. I hope you will try to forward this genuine cause and concern to high level authorities who can monitor and can take better steps this hardpressed situations.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Kislay Kishore