B.Sc in Genetics, Genetics B.Sc


Genetics is an extremely advanced study in the field of science. Genetics today has become one of the most interesting subjects with a very good career prospects. Genetics basically is the science of heredity and variation in living organisms. It is a means by which we forcefully change some characters of a living organism by changing his DNA. All the information of a human being is stored in the DNA. It is this DNA that is responsible for the transfer of characteristics from one generation to another. Genetics is the study by which we alter this DNA in a manner that suits us.

In order to study B. Sc. in Genetics one has to pass his equivalent class 12 with subject combination of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The duration of the course is 3 years. In Genetics one gets to study a lot of things which are very interesting like Microscopy, Mendelian Genetics and Biometry, Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, Genetic Engineering and Cloning, Human Genetics, Applied Genetics and Advanced Genetics. There is not just one part of Genetics, one can do B.Sc. in genetics regarding humans, plants reptiles and also there are many other fields.

Job Prospects

People who are in the field of Genetics are in great demand in the whole world. The career prospects are bright with options such as teaching, medical and pharmaceutical industries, agricultural sector and in research and development. The starting salary for people with a B.Sc degree in Genetics is about Rs.10000 per month.

Best Places to pursue

There are many institutes offering B.Sc. in genetics. Some of them are

Rajendra Agricultural University

University of Poona

Delhi University

Haryana Agricultural University

Osmania University

University of Chennai



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  1. 24

    i am studying in 12th science in kerala and likes to study genetics science in kerala ,is there any college inkerala offering good course in genetics .is there any enterance exam for it

  2. 23

    How many seats in Delhi university in BSE Genetics, what is the Cut off %

  3. 22

    well,i have successfully completed my 12th in non med getting 75 percent marks and i want to pursue my studies in the field of genetics plzzz suggest me the best colleges in the radius of ambala……….

  4. 21
    shubhankar bhagwat:

    is their any entrance exam to get admission in a college providing bsc in genetics

  5. 20

    respected sir/mam, I have completed 12th science in gujarat board with 61% merit. so can u just give me a list of colleges which offers B.sc in genetic courses.

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    what are the qualifications to join bsc genetics? is this course have any entrance exam?

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    What are the available scholarships world wide for a brilliant student of +2 if one wishes to pursue ‘Genetics’ as a carrier.
    How to apply for such scholarships.

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    parmar jinesh dineshbhai:

    hello i completed my 12th sci in gujarat board with 78.68% merit. i want to pursue my career in genetics, microbiology and forensic science. please inform me regarding governmemt colleges in gujarat.

  10. 15
    Aishwarya bhuyar:

    I have given 12th exam,and i have got 45%, will i get it addimision in bsc in genetic..?

  11. 14
    fathima zahra:

    i am studying in 12th science in Kerala and likes to study genetic science.i would like to know if there is any good colleges in Kerala offering good course in genetics.

  12. 13
    Vijay Patel:

    My daughter is studing in 12th Science in Gujarat Board with subject of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. She wants to study in Genatics Science field. Suggest better course and better colleges in india.

  13. 12
    anshdha singh:

    hi i needed to ask which course is better to pursue along with chemistry and botany in B.Sc 1) genetics 2) microbiology or3)biotechnology for better career prospectives.

  14. 11

    how to get in to a gud college n wats the csghteria

  15. 10
    Koustuv Mukherjee:

    I want to no abt’ the entrance test if it is organised

  16. 9
    ayushi verma:

    I want to find colleges of B.scGenetics under delhi university.

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    I want to secure a masters degree in genetics.What can be the approx fees structure?where can I apply for it at Banglore?What is the procedure for entrance exams?are the any scholarships for this course?Which?How to apply for them?pls reply soon….

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    we want bsc human genetics course & admission in 2010. plz give me information.

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    Which are the collages and university offering the course of B.sc genetics?

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    anil varma c:

    I have seen the importance of genetics in every field. But the starting salary is only 10000/- ? Dont we get a place where we get good salary for B.Sc in genetics?

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    i want to know about the colleges for B.sc genetics under chennai university and also i want to know whether any colleges in kerala for this course.scope of this course

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    I want to find colleges of B.scGenetics under pune university.

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    Which are the collages and university offering the course of B.sc genetics?

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    which entrance exam do i have to give for genetics?? and what is its scope??
    and when and from where i can have the application forms if there is an entrance examination??