Indian Statistical Institute JRF IN HUMAN GENETICS Papers


The Indian Statistical Institute offers JRF or Junior Research Fellowship in the Human Genetics paper. This research based paper has an outstanding outlook based on all of the modern technologies in the field of Genetics, especially of the Homo sapiens.

Division or Section in the paper:

The course has a maximum of four semesters, with each of them carrying two important groups, one of them is compulsory to attempt and carries thirteen papers, the second group carries twenty-three papers, and candidates have to attempt any seven.

Pattern of the paper:

The pattern of the paper carries different format, but all are designed to govern the latest technology. There are papers which are compulsory to attempt and they are Defects in Genetics and their adverse and positive effects, Genetics and Evolution, etc. There are other sets of paper such as Micro-Biology and Genetics, Gene and Genome, etc.

Markings evaluated by the Institute:

The total marks awarded to each of the paper is one hundred, though there are credit system associated with each of the paper, as per the final sets of marks are offered to the candidates.

Time allotted for the examination:

Each of the paper offers a maximum time duration of three hours.

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