It is one the vast areas of research in the field of medicine. Genetics basically deals with the study of human structure, heredity and hormones etc. Genetics also deals with the study of chromosomes that are the genetic carrier of the human body. Chromosomes are made of proteins and they consist of a large strand of DNA. The aim of the study of genetics is that to find out how the characteristics of plants, humans and animals are carried forward from generation to generation.

The genes are the deciding factor about the individual characteristics and hence genetics is related to the same study. The genetics are actually based on the structure of DNA and the existence of enzymes.

Genetics provided a large variety of jobs like:-

•    Genetic engineers:- Their job is to redefine and modify the complete gene structure and to study the genes and carry put research on it. They are also responsible for treating any genetic disorder in any individual.

•    Bio genetics:- It is a job which includes the study of heredity and variation. It has two branches :- One deals with the study of plants and animals, to study their inheritance and variations.

•    Cytogenetists:- They are basically the people who study  the chromosomes , part carrying the DNA and also they study the cell structure to find out how the DNA is formed and is different in every individual.

•    Molecular genetics:- It is the most booming field in the genetics line. It involves replication and forming composition functions of the chromosomes and genes. As the DNA is made of proteins, the job of molecular genetists is to study about the different proteins present in the DNA structure.

The scope of improvement and future job aspects are really very good in this field. As many new research are being  conducted in the world in order to know more about human body and other work like cloning and DNA analysis, so those medical students who have interest towards this field, it is the best time and probably one of the best career options today.

All the best to you all students.



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