Career after B.Sc Computer Science


The career opportunities available for a person who has accomplished his graduation in the field of compute science are quite ample these days. One can say this mainly because of the fast growth of IT in our country. In fact, IT has progressed to such a level that, aspirants have the option to choose the jobs of their preference. More on the employment opportunities at hand for aspirants of B.Sc Computer Science is given below.

Career in Private sector after B.Sc in Computer Science

The career opportunities at hand for aspirants with firms of the private sector are quite huge. Many major national and multinational firms take in aspirants who have accomplished their graduation in computer science. The top IT firms in India such as Wipro, TCS and Satyam etc offer aspirants very attractive packages. Jobs for professionals in the field of computer science can also be got with management consultancy organizations, power plants and other organizations that use computers and computer-aided systems. Teaching is also another option available for aspirants to consider.

A few other job profiles available for students of computer science encompass:

  • Programmer or Software Engineer
  • Computer Scientist
  • Computer Engineer, Hardware Designer, Logic Designer
  • Systems Engineer, System integrator
  • Systems Analyst
  • System Administration
  • Technical Support, Support Engineer
  • Technical Writer
  • Consultant
  • Management
  • Administration
  • Sales, Marketing
  • Research Staff Member
  • Computer Scientist
  • Professor

Government Career after B.Sc in Computer Science

It is possible for a graduate student of Computer Science to get employed as scientific officer, technical officer, and scientific assistant and as Network operators with public sector firms. If they are interested in teaching, students can get the NET degree and get jobs in a college or university. Because of the availability of many public sector jobs, students have the option to choose from any of the available ones. It will also be needed for aspirants to be present for an admission test to get these jobs. Once they get into the job, they can appear for departmental exams and try for promotion to higher designations.

Career Abroad after B.Sc in Computer Science

Applicants can get jobs with well known software companies abroad. These firms take in students of Computer Science as and when they finish their studies.  Firms of the Middle East and Europe offer excellent career opportunities for graduates of computer science. The career opportunities are especially available with manufacturing industries. Jobs for aspirants can be got with areas such as:

  • Cabling
  • Cellular Telephones
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Microprocessor System Design
  • Satellite Television
  • Software Development Sectors

Long term Career roadmap for B.Sc in Computer Science

Students of B.Sc Computer Science can go for jobs as soon as they finish their studies or they can go for their higher education. One must realize that the career opportunities for a person will increase with the increase in qualification. In fact, the job opportunities available for students who have an M.Sc in Computer Science, an MBA or MBA degree will be much higher and the options available will be vast. But this doesn’t mean that the career opportunities available for B.Sc students will be less. Aspirants can start their work as trainees and get promoted to higher job profiles such as senior programmers or project mangers within time. With enough work experience and qualification, they can also command their own salaries.



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  1. 49

    I doing bsc computer science..after I finished my ug..
    Mca r msc which is good for the bright future

  2. 48
    devender singh:

    i hv cofused abt my career..wt i do aftr bst for me mca, ,bed,n clerks exam…! i hv totally tensn..plse give me a rght suggtion n counslng..!

  3. 47

    sir,which is the course doing after cs and why plz tell me my email id

  4. 46

    Sir,i m in B.S.C C/S 2nd year…i want to join ARMY(education hawaldar) after bsc if i m not success in this way…so wht i can do with this…plz guide me becoz i m confused….plz send ur suggestion at my email ID..

  5. 45

    in completion of bsc in comp sci which cource is best i mean msc in comp sci or mca in management plz tell me bcoz i will very confused for which is select help me which is best plz rply fast

  6. 44

    sir im in last year comp.sci.plz guide me which master degree will i do??either mcs or msc?????cz many of my frndz says me mca is better than mcs….

  7. 43

    I am running bsc c.s 3rd year & i want a job in IT field in mnc co. so pls suggest the carrer growth on which section in IT field…Sir pls reply me

  8. 42
    sandeep barwa:

    .I am really confused please guide me people are telling do job because experience matters a lot and some are telling go for bsc.cs

  9. 41

    computer science is good option for a good career.after completing bsc computer science what are the job opportunity .sir plz answer me in details..on my email…

  10. 40
    sudeep sahu:

    Sir, can U tell me which course has good opportunity in national and international job?pls sir mail me

  11. 39

    I m running bsc c.s 2nd year and i completed dot net diploma course a semi govt. Institute

    After computer Science
    which type of p.g course i will
    take and how much use in that
    course and till now which field
    and which type of education is
    best for good carrer

    pls give me answer
    on my mail ID

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    Sir,I am pursuing 3rd year in B.Sc Computer science and i am looking for any PG Degree to study and earn above 30k (except IAS,IPS,.etc).I am in need of your option…!PLease.!

  13. 37

    after Bsc computer Science which type of pg course i will take and how much use in that course and till now which field and which type of education is best for good carrer

  14. 36
    mahesh gadekar:

    I am computer sci. Student i m not intrested in job
    but i want to do something diffrent.i like computer languages
    what can i do

  15. 35
    ritu goel:

    I completed computer science.i confused that which is the best course.sir please guide me

  16. 34
    Mohit sareen:

    Can i get job in banking line after doing bsc (comp. science)?

  17. 33
    Sonu Pardeshi:

    I am bsc computer science appeared from fergusson college,pune so i want job in IT field in Pune urgently reply fast

  18. 32

    what is meant by data?

  19. 31
    Manjunath B R:

    You can start your career as an IT recruiter, its a booming field. A very good salary package.

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    what should i do after bsc’computer science’as i can’t go to any It company.plz help me to get a gud job.

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    in complition of bsc in comp sci which cource is best i mean msc in comp sci or mca in managment.plz tell me….bcz i will be very comfuse for which is me….which is best

  22. 28

    I have completed my graduation with 50% of marks. I have scored 81% in 10th and 59% in 12th. What are the courses I’m eligible for?? Am I eligible for appearing for any government jobs?? Please suggest!!!!!

  23. 27

    I am studied in Bsc(comp. Science) in pvp colage pravaranagar ,loni , maharastra.
    I am in first year ,and i am perfect in progiamming , .But i don’t know what is my future after graduation. I want do job in foreign countries , Is it posible after bcs?, there 4s scope for bcs ?

  24. 26

    What should I do after bsc(computer science)….I am really confused please guide me people are telling do job because experience matters a lot and some are telling go for MCS because after MCS u will get very good packages so please help me. I want to ask u one thing that my percentage is not tat good will I get a job in a good company….y percentage is in second class ie. 50-55% please tell me what should I do ??

  25. 25
    aakash duggal:

    i am in 2nd year of comp sc.but i don’t know what to do after it.
    please guide me.
    i am doing this course frpm pgdav college du.
    i need your suggessions weather to study more or to apply for some job?and also which type of job will be suitable for me??
    plz let me know as soon as possible??

  26. 24

    Am completed in computer scince but i dont interest in IT field which the field is best for me? Plz help am fully confuesed bez am 12th studied without maths subject so am not select many IT companys

  27. 23
    joshi sanket deepakrao:

    how many mark min. reqierd to get addmission in furgusion college of other allso.

  28. 22
    joshi sanket deepakrao:

    after can I get admission to aercraft avionic sci.

  29. 21
    Sandeep jaiswar:

    I am complting bsci computer sci but i have no intrest in the computer sci.can i do mba bcoz i have intrest in management

  30. 20
    M.Salman Saeed:

    I am a student of BS computer science in Virtual university. can I get a government job after completing it through this university?

  31. 19
    Nikhil Ahlawat:

    I am doing B.Sc. in computer science. i want to professional in it. which course i would to prefer and what are the apportinuties for me in this field. can i get a good job in govt. sector or in private sector. Is my future is secure by doing it.
    plzz suggest me……..

  32. 18

    After completing computer science which course I can select to become a programmer ?

  33. 17

    can we apply for mtech after bsc in computer science

  34. 16
    y sudhakar:

    i was completed my bsc computer science in 2009 afterwards i started my career as a mis executive now i want to get it job in mnc company ,what should i do now pls suggest me.

  35. 15
    Ravi kumrawat:

    Msc computer Sciece ke bad kitni salary ki jobs milti hai.

  36. 14
    urmisa saha:

    which are the options that i can choose as my career after my graduation with computer(honors)? i want something that only a computer student can do.

  37. 13

    I am persuing B.Sc. from KU. I do have knowledge of computer basics, C and C++ language and recently i am learning dotnet. I do not have any vast knowledge about hardware. I want a job in IT company after graduation. What are the other things should know ? How much competition is there in IT sector and what could be the approximate salary package ? Please help.

  38. 12
    urmisa saha:

    which are the options that i can choose as my career after my graduation with computer(honors)? i want something that only a computer student can do.

  39. 11
    ajaz khan:

    i herd that the bsc comp. science student have less option to make his career its true??

  40. 10
    hitesh chaudhari:

    can i do engineering after completing my in comp.sci?……..
    if not then what all i can study further in INDIA or in foreign countries…..

  41. 9
    miruthula daniel:

    sir im a bsc (maths eletronics n computer science) student n i hav a dream to study abroad but i need to select a good course which is offered abroad in a good university n which can offer good job later for me in my country plz suggest me?

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    after doing comp science which course should i do????????????? plz guide….

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    I m appearing bsc computer then pls give me i m interested

  44. 6
    y sudhakar:

    i am bsc computer science graduate in 2009 batch, i have been working mis excutive since 2010 march to till date. but i want to do saftwar job, which saftware i have to lern pls guide me

  45. 5
    Mukesh Tiwari:

    i m a B.Sc computer science graduate. i did computer hardware and networking course from Jetking. i want to know that what can i do to enhance my future? or can i apply for the IT jobs. kindly guide me

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    I am persuing Bsc. Computer Science from Pune university. Can i apply for M.Tech in Computer science.
    What is the difference, kindly guide.

  47. 3
    Mansi pawar:

    what work we get after bcs?

  48. 2

    i want do a best hacker after bsc computer science.
    which courses are present for this tell me about that?

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    Himanshi Arora:

    which is the beneficial option after science for teaching career in or or any else?