B.C.A vs. BSc IT- Which course is better?


B.C.A and as well as BSc IT, both are technical courses that can offer a better job opportunity to Students. These courses can provide a better job in the field of Computer Applications. Today everything is computerized and companies are trying to come out with more new and new applications so students of this course also have access to many job opportunities.

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is an undergraduate course in the field of computer applications. This course has time duration of three years. These three years consist of six semesters of six months each. In the last semester as part of the project work, each student has to work in an organization for four to six weeks. After the project work, they have to submit it to the College for internal assessment

BCA course can provide professional knowledge in programming languages like C, C++, and Java etc. They can also provide diverse knowledge in the field of financial accounting and operation management.

Today each and every sector is computerized and students find it easy to grab a job in this area. IT students can start their career as junior programmers. After gaining sufficient experience, they can get into as a senior programmers and project managers. Apart from programming, they can go for other professions such as web designer, database user, system administrator etc


BSc IT (Information Technology) is also a three-year undergraduate course. In this course, students are trained to perform well in computer applications and Software. This course aims to provide better knowledge in core subjects like operating systems, data structure and database applications.

Key Differentiators between B.C.A and BSc IT

  • BCA students are involved more in Computer Applications whereas BSc students can have advanced job opportunities in internet technology and database management.
  • After successful completion of the course BCA, students can go for postgraduate courses like M.Sc (IT), MCA and MBA. The students who procured BSc can have further courses on MCA (Master of Computer Applications).

Which Course is better?

Both of these courses have their own merits .Students interested to have a job in Software or in computer applications can choose to study BCA. BCA course is also a good option for students who wish to take a postgraduate degree in MCA. Students who are interested in Database operations or Internet can go for BSc IT. Anyway both these courses can offer challenging jobs in the field of computers.



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52 Responses to “B.C.A vs. BSc IT- Which course is better?”

  1. 52

    why BCA is not provided by the mumbai univercity?

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    What i can do after completeing B.sc(computer science)?

  3. 50

    if i ve to become a web developer then should i choose bca or bsc ?

  4. 49
    riyaz ansari:

    can u tell me which course is better because i m already completing my BSC IT from smu its a correspondence i. i want to grow up my career in IT industry so plz suggest me which course that i am doing.

    thanks and regards riyaz ansari

  5. 48

    now I am doing bsc(it) final year.. can you please suggest me any of the PG courses. because I don’t have any idea.. but I am not interested in IT field

  6. 47

    If i do BSc IT through distance mode what are the self employment opportunities.

  7. 46

    Can you tell us the Eligibility Criteria for both of the courses?
    BCA especially. Can a commerce student with Maths pursue it?

  8. 45
    soni dhvani:

    what is the b.sc(it)? and tell me how many gavarment college in near navsari ,Gujarat.? and how many subject in bsc(it)?

  9. 44
    Harjit HOney:

    bsc it with couse 3 years by computer knowledge or any teachnoly please provide

  10. 43
    prem prakah nepali:

    when we finish b.sc.it for any indian university.then after can we apply jof any pravite company or no?or ist easy to find to finish our course?

  11. 42
    anshika sharma:

    what should best option after bsc in cs ? can i do mca after bsc in cs?

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    Rajendra pawar:

    what wiil be the best option after b.sc.it ???????????

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    Sir, i have passed 12th exam in this year with pcm with good marks and now i am confuse that what should i do. should i go engeniering or banking or other fields ,please tell me.

  14. 39

    I got 98 in jee main and got 46.5 percentile rank in 12 gujarat board which are the best colleges in india where i can apply for bsc(it)

  15. 38
    Mejo P Josee:

    Is it good to do 1 year job befor doing mca?
    I am completing BCA now.

  16. 37
    shikha kalra:

    hiii m shikha i have passed 12th with 75% in pcm what course is best for me pls answer

  17. 36
    shikha kalra:

    hiii m shikha i have passed 12th with 75% in pcm what course is best for me pls answer

  18. 35
    nitish kumar:

    Which one is better BCA Or BSCIT

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    Richhpal singh:

    which is the college in amritser for bscit

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    nikita bharti:

    which course is better? B.C.A Vs BSc it

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    Which is better college in punjab for bsc?

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    which course is better after 12th b.scit or bca

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    Rohit sharma:

    i have intrest in computer areas so can i do computer bsc cs ?

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    shivnarayan paswan:

    i am BSc IT final year student i want to complete master degree what is better betweenMCA or MSc IT

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    what should i have do after b c a.

  26. 27


  27. 26

    i just wanted to ask that is the b.sc ignou syllbus very tough for a full time working employee, and she complete it within the prescribed time?

  28. 25

    I m totally confused.. After HS what should i do bca or bscit..pls guide me..in hs my subject combination is economics,mathmatics, statistics..pls i wanna do a good job after degree..

  29. 24

    sir my child completed basic in computer,he is 8yrs. old,now which course is better for him to do,i am from indore,india

  30. 23

    which course’s (B.C.A or Bsc.IT) value more in canada and u.s.a?? and in canada which course is best M.C.A or Msc.I.T ?
    which course is best for best job in canada M.C.A or Bsc.I.T?

  31. 22
    Sabir Ahmed:

    Which is the best college of B.C.A. course in Kolkata?

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    krushna darade:

    I have completed my b.sc.(i.t.) degree. can i get addmission to direct second year of b.e.?

  33. 20

    i want to make query regd for computer engineering or electronic eng. whether a person should go thro std 12 +4 yrs degree or diploma+deg (4yrs) which is best specially for sub maths in degree college. specially for boys who some times go thro kt.

  34. 19
    usha bhardwaj:

    i have Bsc.it degree from manipal academy of higher education.
    i want to join computer teacher as govt. teacher.
    pls tell me , how many option for me.

  35. 18

    Is it possible to get salary approx 30,000 after passing bsc & msc it .

  36. 17
    Pranab Kumar Nath:

    What is the scope of this course in Guwahati ?

  37. 16

    what should i have to do after bsc it.msc it /mca

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    sagarika satapathy:

    is wase program provided by wipro regular course?which is better between mca and wase?

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    i want to fees for the these three years .for both courses

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    which type job i especting after BCA & BSC IT.

  41. 12

    i take arts subject in 12th . does me do bca degree in delhi’s collage ? than after bca which degre i will do for a sucess in a job .after bca me how much earn in a month in private sector?

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    sonali gupta:

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    i have joined B.C.A

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    which is the best and high salary among bsc it AND bca

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    Can u tell the difference between Msc-iT and Mca? and which course is the best ?

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    I am studying in Bsc computer science. I am after studying interest in MCA. this is true or not. Bsc after mca padikka
    mudiyuma mudiyatha’

  47. 6

    acording to subject wise witch one is better bca or bsc?

  48. 5

    is bank p o job transfereble in sbi bank?

  49. 4
    hema sharma:

    cn we do msc it aftr bca

  50. 3

    i m pass a b.sc.it
    what a scope of the good job..???

  51. 2

    Hi frnds..
    I completed diploma in electronics nd comm..in 2010 nd joined Wipro infotec nd still working there…i had planned to complete my BE in evening classes but due to some personal issues its not possible for me..so i thought atleast its better to get a advanced courses like MCSE etc but one of my frnd advised me to have BSC in IT frm Kuvempu university as i’ll hve only last 3 semesters to complete the course.
    I request u all to suggest me the best option..

    Thanx nd regards,

  52. 1

    i also pass 12th sci got 43.33 percentage.can i get admission in degree in any field?