Difference between B.Sc Economics and B.A Economics


Economics is one of the best courses offered for graduation by many universities and college for students who really have a passion, to be in the field of economics. It mainly deals with the economic matters like production and distribution of goods, services and other related areas like demand and supply of commodities, pricing etc. In simple terms economics is useful and is inevitable in growth and development process of our nation.

B.Sc Economics and opportunities

BSc economics is a subject for graduation and the students are awarded a bachelors degree in science after successfully completing the course. BSc course is normally for 3 years which include six semesters. The examination is held at the end of every semester and the students are assessed on the basis of what they studied in the entire semester. The students will get practical experience in the field of economics and will be able to identify the economic issues and also find solution for that. There are numerous job opportunities available in the economic sector and the students after completing the course can easily get placed.

B.A Economics and opportunities

Economics is really an interesting subject and the candidates can choose to do BA Economics for their graduation. The candidates who are successful in completing the course and score high marks in the final year examination are awarded Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. The course duration is for three years and the candidates will be well versed in the economic theories and policies. The opportunities available for the candidates include financial analyst, accounting jobs, teaching profession etc. Institutes like FICCI, PHDCCI recruits economic graduates to fill their vacancies in different posts. The Ministry of Economic Affairs also provides lots of job opportunities for finance candidates every year.

Key difference between BSc Economics and BA Economics

  • The main difference between BA and BSc in economics is that BSc deals more with practical knowledge in the economic field whereas BA is more into theoretical aspects.

B.Sc Economics and BA Economics are gaining importance and deals with problems and practices prevailing in the economic sector. They include the detailed study of economic policies and current trends in the economic sector. The candidates after their graduation can choose a career in economic field or can opt for higher courses in the respective field.



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