Copywriter - How to become a Copywriter?


Copywriting is the use of vocabulary and ideas to promote an individual, opinion, product or trade. Those who have studied the various courses in copywriting can turn out to be Copywriters. These professionals are actually writers who highlight the positive traits of a product or service, which may lead to the ultimate sale of the service or merchandise. Copywriters are experts who have the ability to write in a variety of styles.

Qualifying Exam

Aspirants should complete the post graduation course in Copywriting in order to turn out to be a Copywriter. Otherwise, they shall study any of the Masters’ programs in advertising or Mass communication. Those who have learned post graduation in English literature can also become Copywriters. However, these candidates must study the short-term courses in copywriting on completion of their post graduation. So many Universities and institutes all through the world offer different programs in copywriting. Candidates should have completed the course from a certified University or institute. After completing their course in copywriting, these professionals can seek out for employments in advertising companies, business establishments, magazines and so on. Some of them work for online websites also.

Who is eligible to apply?

The eligibility criterion to apply for the post graduation courses in copywriting is a graduation in the related fields. Intermediates can apply for the short-term courses in copywriting. Copywriters should have some basic traits like excellent creative writing skills and English language acquaintance like grammar, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation. In addition, these professionals should have problem solving skills and should be able to express ideas in an exciting and understandable way.

Key Points in the process

  • Study the intermediate course in any disciplines.
  • Earn a graduation in Copywriting or English Literature.
  • Pursue the post graduation program in Copywriting, Advertising or Mass Communication.
  • Search out for career in the print media or in any other public or private sector organization.

How to prepare for exam and interview?

Candidates should study the eligibility exam thoroughly so as to clear the exams. They can obtain specialized books on the topic and foregoing years’ question papers on the test so as to prepare for the test. By solving sample papers and by self-evaluating the same, aspirants may be able to know their weaker portions and thereby, they may get more confidence in attending the mains.



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