Corporate Communication Manager – How to become a Corporate Communication Manager?


Customers usually prefer to use branded products compared to local ones. One of the major factor behind this scenario is that their belief in branded companies. So it is very important to increase this belief through advertisements or promotion programs. People who are responsible for these kinds of jobs which cause positive publicity are known as Corporate Communication Manager. Their main job is to maintain a good relationship with the media so as to perk up the public image of the company. They act as a mediator between senior management and marketing department in making decisions on the plans regarding corporate identity.

Qualifying Exam

Corporate Communication Manager should possess postgraduate degree in Corporate Communication to get into in any reputed organization. Different types of postgraduate level programs are available in India on Corporate Communication, like Master of Arts in Corporate Communication, Master of Business Administration in Communication Management and Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Communication. Candidates can choose any of them according to their educational qualification and interest. Those who are choosing Master of Business Administration in Communication Management should select Corporate Communication as their specialization subject.

Who are eligible to apply?

Any of the above-mentioned postgraduate degree is the educational qualification required to apply for the vacancy of Corporate Communication Manager. Educational qualification alone is not sufficient for the aspirant to get into this kind of managerial job. They should possess work experience in corporate communications to know about the working methodology prevailed in this field. Work experience will also enable the aspirants to gain more knowledge in corporate communications. Therefore it is better to apply for this job after gaining adequate work experience in corporate communications.

Key elements in the process

  • Complete post graduation in Corporate Communication
  • Gain adequate work experience in Corporate Communication
  • Apply whenever the vacancy is available

Skills required for a Corporate Communication Manager

Good Conceptual skills are essential for the Corporate Communication Manager to find solution for various business problems. Interpersonal skills are very necessary for them to deal with the media persons. Good negotiation skills are also required for them to solve public issues.



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