Difference between Copy Writer and Content Writer


Information is the major factor behind the development of any kind of field. Whatever be the source, information must be accurate and relevant. Then only it can cause positive impact on individual or organization. Writing jobs plays a crucial role in providing this kind of information through offline or online methods. Copy Writer and Content Writer are the most popular writing jobs available today. Even though both of them work in the same field, slight difference can be seen in the nature of their job. Copy Writer mainly writes articles for promotional purposes while Content Writer writes about almost all kind of topics.

Copy Writer and its opportunities

Copy Writers are very essential for promoting the products made by a company as they write the content for the advertisements on that product. Advertising agencies thus hire the service of copy writers for the development of creative advertisements. Publishing firms also offer wide range of opportunities for copy writers. Some organizations will have advertising department for planning the promotional programs required for their products. Copy Writers can work in this department for creating content which persuade the customer to buy a particular product of that company. List of jobs available for these writers are given below.

  • Website Copy Writer
  • Advertising Copy Writer
  • Digital Copy Writer
  • Medical Copy Writer

Content Writer and its opportunities

As the Content Writers are able to write on any topic, they can look for opportunities in any field of writing. They can write for business, academic, technical web portals according to their interest and experience. Another opportunity available for them is freelance writing in which they can write articles for an individual or organization through online. These writers can also translate the books specified on the concerned website. Those who are interested to write travelogues can pursue their career as travel writers. Types of writing jobs available for the content writer are given below.

  • Technical Writer
  • Ghost Writer
  • Research Writer
  • Creative Writer

Key difference between Copy Writer and Content Writer

  • Copy Writers need good knowledge in marketing and advertising so as to pursue a long term career. But anyone who is interested in writing can pursue their career as Content Writer.
  • Copy Writers can get more salary than Content Writers as specialized skills are needed in this field.

Even though both these professions come under writing jobs, Copy Writers are considered to be more creative and can look for a better career growth than Content Writers.



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