Delhi University - B.A. (H) Sociology - First Year Papers


In the first year of the Sociology programme in the University of Delhi, there are two papers. Both papers comprise of 75 marks each. The time limit for the same is three hours. There are a total of four sections in the paper. One question is to be answered form each section on a compulsory basis. The first three sections have questions carrying 20 marks each. The fourth section has only 15 marks. All the questions in the paper are essay type questions. There may be internal choices in some of the questions. There question paper is given to the students in both Hindi and English.

The candidate is free to write in any of the two languages. However, you must write in a single language throughout the paper. All answers must be written on a separate answer sheet which is handed over to the supervisor. Make sure to read the paper properly before beginning to attempt it. Answer the questions in detail with a good introduction, analysis and a small conclusion. Make sure to time yourself well while writing the paper. Also refer to other question papers on the subject.

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    rhea shergill:

    how are we supposed 2 answer da questions during the semester 1 exam in delhi university ?

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    Can I get previous year question paper of MA sociology entrance exam?

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    scope of sociology