Indian Statistical Institute JRF IN SOCIOLOGY Papers


The Indian Statistical Institute offers JRF or Junior Research Fellowship in Sociology. The course has been designed with the outlook of the present society. Candidates are offered with a unique insight of the sociology aspect, and no question can be raised as the name of the institute is enough to silence any kind of doubt.

Division or Section in the paper:

There are a total of four semesters, two in each year, and each semester carries a maximum of five papers.

Pattern of the paper:

The course is overall divided into four different semesters, and each of the semesters offers five different papers. Each paper carries two different groups, and the first group a maximum of thirteen papers, all of which are compulsory to attempt. The second group carries a maximum of twenty-three paper, and there are seven papers, that the candidates have to choose and attempt. The names of few of them are Issues in Rural Economic and Social Development, Anti-poverty programmes and their evaluation (including employment programmes and food security programmes), etc.

Markings evaluated by the Institute:

The total mark awarded to each of the paper is one hundred, and also are awarded with a certain degree of credit.

Time allotted for the examination:

The maximum time allotted for completing each paper is three hours.

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